Nakamura vs. Carlsen | Zurich 2014 - WGM Jen Shahade

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MoeA figure pass

MoeA figure pass

14:20 song name?But, a Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Diorama Lamp would definitely be weird.1 Inaccuracies0 Mistakes0 Blunders14 Average centipawn lossfor Fischer and 6 Inaccuracies3 Mistakes2 Blunders30 Average centipawn lossfor Taimanov 1 inaccuracy in 71 moves is fucking inhuman." I was expecting the monster to start raping Ross.I'm not a fan of incomplete.The videos you are doing are fantastic!

Why doesn't black take d4 at 3:15?Then try four times(worst case) Then on fifth time you should must get a charged battery.I like to think I would play very conservatively and let him come to me if I had the chance to play Gary.29:56 piece of sh number one piece of sh number two piece of sh number three.Who's that purple hair hobo playing with Naka's son?Thanks a lot Mato.Pure editor's finegold right here.54 black can play e2!For me it was really helpfull, thx danny.So done with you.

Do you happen to

Do you happen to

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Does it count if the two regions

Does it count if the two regions

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Angel Ngo

This is exciting! Can we choose the type of wood we want ahead of time? I like cherry wood. Great video Chris and Shaun!

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Sucks for the headphone users because that wee kid in the class clearly has a cold or something and it's persistent :L Ugh haha

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aweseome video. Thanks!

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In theory, for right handed persons, the following layout would be the best:3 2 16 5 49 8 7 0But I guess we're stuck with the left handers preference :)


Paulsen, meet Paul Daddy.

The Saint 05

Gmn klo disaat gajah makan kuda dan gajah dimakan benteng, trus posisi mentri diancam dgn gajah?

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Hahahahaha si myrna kadenang ginto


Is thta blood stains

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Linux = super kernel

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I was very surprised Alireza didn't play h5...I see him as having very good intuition for what the position requires. Very similar to how engines think, not afraid at all to compromise king safety cause they know there's no real threat in a long time.