My Toughest Weakest Opponent

1:14:42 thought the madlad was going to rip a huge bowl in front of the kids for a second there.The saying was theres more go moves then atoms in the universe but its still wrong.Crush: heyme: 17:01.If a player, without thinking, moves themesleves into a mate, is the match over or does your opponent just say.Please avoide the wasting of time.Again, gorgeous work.It's a good thing.1500 to 1800 it is all the life in chess!

I have a question: Why did you decided to use welding and not Loctite gluing?Watching the game unfold together with the commentary was a great experience.Alliances in world war.I haven't played chess in 20 years, since I was a kid and have recently gotten interested in it again.This is phenomenal work.Which way is down?Its ironic you used stockfish to analyse the game parallel, that fishy fella has no idea whats going on.

I ended up

I ended up

The only time Torx are OK is when you pre-drill.Es mentir el pen bale 1 el alfil 6 torre y el caballo 7 y la reina 9.Wow this looks amazing!Lastly, thanks for being my virtual mentor --- you've helped me a lot.A later enhancement would be to devise a system to sense identify the pieces, so that the software knows where each piece is on the board.

Oh dear lord it

Oh dear lord it

These men laughing is horrendous.Great job, my dude i finally make it work!I love him but i more love it when he got tortured.Look up in the sky it's alcohol going to the moon.What more can you ask?Can you make a video for smith morra gambit?What does it mean when you said"white is just trying to move quickly and flag me" and what is berzerker?It got dark for Chess in that 2nd.Biju Menon polichu.Together Get work 2 Together.

As always John, love the content, the

As always John, love the content, the

Otherwise, very pleasant viewing!Is that the sound of him swallowing after every sip and sometimes just sitting there, fuck thats loud.Love how the grain comes to live with the Danish oil.I'M BACK IN BLACK!And black will lose the game.6:13 why not taking the pawn with knight instead of moving the rook?That's called a king walk, youtube it, there's a lot of games like that.The name might be supposed to reference the original Bishop called the Elephant which' range is very short.


Bogacze . Pienidza nie szanuja

Markfortune Gutierrez

7:15 "JONEL"

Felipe Falanghe

Thumbs up for the SeeMeCNC delta! Awesome machines, these. Not enough people know about them :)


right at the start i notice that you can die in one clicki thought minesweeper generates the field once you click somewhere, so whereever you click first will never have a mine below it


At 38:49 you could have a nice fork with KxC5! The opportunity came twice :p Amazing live commentary!


1:06 sauce pan?


Hi.When we will be able to buy it?Amazon?Price?Thank you.

Aditya Panda

I love Karpov He just squeezed Topalov with simple moves


Agadmator mentiones the hyperbolic time chamber. now a lot of things become clear. cmon antonio, share your knowledge of its whereabouts with the rest of the world

Luca Gian

tal stays to chess like cherry to the cake. maybe you dont like it, but how can you deny it’s beautifull?


Beautiful game. Thanks Jerry.

David Molina

Amazing excellent details

Ryanne Van der Burgh

22:36 that sounds like adog poor thing what if it its stuck or really badly hurt poor lady breaks my heart really does it would go nuts if me cat Joey went missing she is my babythat poor dogs barking and howlingmakes me cry it sounds so sad and alone



Jan Nhlovsk

HEY man, absolutely amazing!

Caleb Calix Fernandez

I love the way she says "a pound and a half" with that naughty smirk in her face.