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And, welcome to DC!Placing an equal number of queens and knights on the board, how many can you place such that no knight controls a square occupied by another knight and no queen controls a square occupied by another queen?We love you and we expect your kind effort towards this natural calamity.Subscribe to my channel please.Watching this for the umpteenth time, but this time it's leap day, or is it?I'm working with some fade-in texts.Bt up boli tal bit fisher so sach keya plz rply?

The confusion comes in because the term infinity has never really been properly defined.Algorhithms got no rhythm.I downloaded the plans but other than the wood parts what will I need ?At my age, this would describe the perfect dating app.All culture started in Lepenski Vir and Vina culture,some call "Denubian",but is ancient serb culture.Well deserved by Navarra ?We need to find a way to materialize the threat of Rd8b.

Just played an online opponent, and

Just played an online opponent, and

I thought you were gonna karate chop that board, wutta puss.Is there a place for that?Im now a1800 player on chess.I didn't know that Robert Plant was Brian May's guitar tech.Ain't that what you did to Esham Royce?I love you, Ben.Agad, Do you practice the players' names before videos or you just wing it?

Very nice game thank you.When did Gandalf become a historian?An utterly inexplicable decision by Carlsen.Even the world champion knows him and calls him famous?Enjoyed watching it.For those of you who spotted the poisons idea congratulations you are an excellent spotter of poisons ideas.Pause at 00:04 whyyy.

Craig McMaster

I think bc4 is losing because the bishop needs to move to c4 after bh4 or you are losing after Ne2


Dry ass crowd!!

PsychoGames HD

20:27 sounds like battlefield music


I don't even know what Snapchat is

Jascha Bull

Hilarious and well animated! First I've seen (or heard) of a male queen though, was that a thing in old-school chess? I always wondered if it was, but have never heard of it directly.

Barry Moore

dialing the digits produced impulses before DTMF tones became common. Early push button phones also sent impulses. A zero button produced ten impulses and logically came after a nine.

Muhammad Patel

why this vanilla sponge isn't similor to the one you use in your decoration videos those looks much lighter and fluffier then this? btw love all your videos. thanks for sharing.

Larry Madrid

September 23 2019 na sinu katulad ko dito na nanonood parin nito hanggang ngayon...napakagaling talaga ni pokwang

Midnight Focus

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The boards look like a major futuristic city, like a birds eye view of a huge city. Love the table.

Niko Yochum

Danny is actually really fucking good.Most of his instincts in that first 5 minute game were engine moves


the guy was cheating knocks pieces down and puts them back in wrong place 1.36 he even looks at the kid to see if he noticed he knew kid was gona beat him that early on probs y he did it haha

Miguel Castro

Fucc u skip!!!

Lindo Avila

We get it, your parents are divorced.

chinmay kulkarni

The commentary was irritating, his voice is gonna haunt me for rest of my life.. Good game though.. Why didn't Carlson took his pawn after check at the end..?

Uri Blumenfeld

The Video is very good, but why are chessboards throughout the video are WRONGLY aligned? According to chess rules, the bottom right square should be always white.


Engelscoachshop is a great channel for steam bending. They restore coaches, obviously, and make a lot of wheels for them. Interesting stuff!