My Best Chess Games #1: Huschenbeth - Golod (3) | Chess Game Analysis

My great uncle was also a fireman, looks like it runs in the family." a lot funnier.On move 15 why doesn't black take the knight on f3 then bishop takes on f3 then bishop to g4 pinning the queen to king.But can it run crysis?Definitely beach.I would have played 21.

Stop trying to justify why you take it in the butt.Thanks for sharing.NxQ and even though the rook can't do 3.What a great gift idea.Among students and Latino voters because of their NPP (No Party Preference) affiliation.But i wish there was blood.And we all just sit here and say " welll.

Easy win against Sicilian in

Easy win against Sicilian in

Suddenly everything is possible.It's like anyone in the world can do commentary like these two guys do, and ruin things.What's his rating, I don't really see him as a prodigy.(because I would be more than happy to buy one if you make one).First game was one move away from mate.

Moe: show yourself coward Me: yeah

Moe: show yourself coward Me: yeah

White advances took to a5 attacking the bishop as well as threatening the h5 mate.I have a 247 lofi stream that's brand new if you guys want to support me.What would be the structures vs.To a layman chess player like myself I'll be honest and say i don't know.Nothing genuine in this one.Many have tried and many have died.Out pops a delicious chocolate cake" "So Yummy!The same way infinity is not a number but rather a concept.

Zach: The body is great and your face could use some workEugene: offended.What's funny is that they called chemist Andrew instead of typing first name 'Zbigniew'.Pleade visiting and subscribing my channel too :).Wow that is so cool.When Tal starts out with 1.

Thanks for everything

Thanks for everything

No wonder he grew up all fucked up.I thought it was knefatafl not hnefatafl.Did you see Eric.Super super super video bro.I wish he were in the US.999, 9918 square ( 9) 6.Jamie's puns are snow good.Impressive, it's got more in it than Notch's first version of Minecraft, which he made in the same time.

Chaos Continuum

"You guys sell what you do...I sell what the world can do."- That is an epic quote.


The special effects when that kid said opposition made me have a Ben Finegold fake heart attack as a reaction. He is just so happy that he knows that answer. It's so pure. Too pure for this world. Good bye world.

David O'Silverman

when they were legal tender, a sixpence was worth exactly 10 cents. A pound was exactly $4.

Bella Chan

I really enjoy ur videos. Your voice isnt incredibly slow! But it's also not too fast.

Collette Landwer

Dang, I wish you were in Illinois, I’d have to hire you to replace my kitchen doors from 91 - almond laminate with golden oak wood laminate bottom

Rajesh Patule

He plays only for draw

Sky Breaking Rider

Do what's in side of a hot wheels car

Jimmy Christian

Before the game start:Everybody:Whats the opening? How to counter? How to win it?Tal: I'm gonna give him heart attack

Harry Parkin

I can remember it to the 45th decimal place

Matthew Clarke

You've got your safety glasses on your forehead while drilling the concrete screws! Safety first!

Abhinav Tiwari

The next shopkeeper took his 1000 whole back and lady took 200 rs bag and 800 rs cash from the shopkeeper so Next shop bag lady got moneyi.e 1000800200=2000rs so the shopkeeper had total 2000rs loss


Maurice Ashley:Stockfish, you seemed to have some hiccups earlier today, not really smooth performances, and this wasn’t that smooth either..Stockfish: i mean, what do you want me to do?

Tamim Akif

Who is tom

Dylan Cheng

CC "psych Lloyd" lol

william flay

That’s Dana wiltes voice