Muhd Harith Fahmi Mohd Radzuan vs Muhd Haziq Rhozisham B12 Rompin 2016

Magnus needs a hair cut.I did lot of bending for spiral stairs curved stairs, roundcurved windows.Direction ariyillel ariyunna pani cheythaal poreeyyy.I'm really confused now.If he done with his 15 turns.You should be ashamed of yourselves for producing such illicit woodworking porn for us weak kneed addicts.I broke my arm on a hover board.The real question.

- 9758614387Plzz sir help me."Here's a picture of Magnus Carlson thought you might enjoy it" "She looks thirsty and makes and awkward move with her hand" Ma man be sending out kinky hints hahahah.Oh man a game with 10 pawns.Chelsea and James great job well done and fantastic and amazing well done.But,you'd be good at it!He is literally rated 798.I play chess and am quite impressed with your work.

Legit going to change the way I play just because of this.Steve, been watching your channel for a long time."Shabilov played bishop e7, retreating like a frenchman.You're the best.Normal English 't', long 'a', 'f' becomes 'b' and is pronounced together with the 'l', as in 'blow': 'ta-bl'.' awwww, as you should babies, you are all amazing.It does the same as you are doing, only better as it is allows for much more accurate an easy dialling in.And still no one answered us why it is called "not bad for a dead man"?

That's a really nice mitre guagecrosscut fence, where

That's a really nice mitre guagecrosscut fence, where

I don't think she'll notice if one goes missing!Kasparov t parecendo um james bon rabujento hauhauhuaau.That being said.Fabiano kind of reminds me of Seth Rogen with his smile in that pic.Alas, he passed away also a few years ago.At around 1:16:30 was there Nxd5?What happened at the ending ?I wanna see that video.

2:11:45 "I'm allergic to bad positions".

2:11:45 "I'm allergic to bad positions".

Off topic this is, but I like how you made and store your cordless drills!In some ways, you might try explaining what your opponent might be thinking more.Am I missing something?Or your focus is fine wood working and furniture making.But that stop motion is annoying and it hurts my eyes.Xo I do love u the more I watch.I would love to see some of the behind the scenes development you do with the CNC and programming and how you tackle and make decisions about how to represent such a graphic.12:00 I guess the Japanese were idiots for dying for their country?It would takea lifetime to learn those skills.

The majority of people haven't got a

The majority of people haven't got a

What's the illegal move.The town was called Tayasan, but there were barely any buildings and there were so many trees, rice paddies, and fishing ponds.He does not seem to have mate but I understand I have a child’s knowledge in this department.Playing chess will help you develop analytic and memory skills.Get to work on those wheels cause I'm waiting.5:58 isn't Qxf7 mate in one?I just found your channel today and only just subscribed and already there is a new video!

Very good tips sir, I like

Very good tips sir, I like

Found by accident.In short, when using Windows, you do not need to care about some cryptic file system, like you do in Linux.Thinking like itna fast khel sakte teh toh itna slow appa bhaji jaisastart Mai khela kyun." The paradox is, "Why isn't this the case?Yeap still not a clue.

Egotistical Glasses

The guy in the thumbnail looks like the Globglogagalab

Anneli Nevelius

John mongrel is dead now...

Downright Delinquent

Eugene's concentration and will amaze me.

I replace my morning tea with my morning tears

I miss you again today, tonight.. more like almost every-single-day and night. I really don't know how to stop the pain. I thought crying my heart out would be the best option for me but no matter how much I cry, it seems as if though these streams of tears will never be enough. I'll see you in another life after this one if one ever exist. Let me be the one to love you alone if you're unable to love me back. I loved you then, I still do now and I'm sure that I will always be in love with every part of you. I love you to the moon and back goodnight, baby. Thanks for everything.

Mike P.

Who did it better? These guys or Bill Nye?

Berna La

Is the paint a base for gold leaf is the paint necessary?


8:13 why not Bd5?

Bliss Ventura

8:15 beautiful.


Queen e4 then when white queen takes, take back with bishop

Bene OMG

Can i just bake it

o murda

1:30 I would've captured pawn on f2 with bishop and mess up his pawn structure and if he wants to castle he will have a open center

michael knowlden

Oh you wonderful sneaky shit! I swore I'd never build chairs! Barstools I will now.I dont know weather to like you or hate you! Lol but that will go nicely in a game room. Thanks for the honey do item lol.


They go together so well! This was hilarious hahaha. I love seeing Magnus trash talk

Chris Vaughn

Worst voice on the planet

Faith Connection with Pastor Max Slone

I love this song. I've got the perfect show for it. We'd be delighted to paste the credits in.

Marty Josephson

Hi Jon, nice video can you do a video on how you do your border templates for the hard copy drawings? I guessing when downloading they will print a full letter size print with probably 1/2 " edges.

Reis HD

5:39 it's an illegal move

Bass Drip NCS

lovely stuff


Code quality with maybe 5% comments sucks...

HappY Virus



Why didnt Deep Blue go with his rook to a6 in 16:45 and trap Kasparov's queen?

Joseph Anglim

Thank you. Excellent video

mike doeschot

I'd vector cut the squares it would be much quicker.


hahaha crazy man!:-)