It depends who does the annotation.U talk too much.So how much do we have to donate to get a lecture?Where did you get it?

For a guy who's wanted a laythe since HS shop class and just got one 20years later this is gold Thanks!Why exactly were those speeds selected?Come on seriously.The question is "how many total trees are there?Do the chess game from Sherlock of Sherlock v.Why didn't he play Qg1 Rxg1 Nf2.He is my favorite player.Just a suggestion: Anatoly Karpov vs Anthony Miles (1980).

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Did you make that?

Did you make that?

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5year birth event terrible planning there is no

5year birth event terrible planning there is no

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Nice trash talking by the world champion!

Basel Hazem

I don't understand what the hell they talking about but her voice so ASMR


This is very similar to the decoy.

Robert Ducote

Man that looks excellent.Not too complicated to make with all the right tools but looks super clean. Great work.


Great video but how about enemies then? If there are lots and lots of enemies, and all enemies have their own independent health bar and health status, how is that controlled? (Example: I played a very successful Zombie game on Kongregate that has a large amount of enemies can be several hundred)

Lee Shackelford

That was a lot of fun.There was a physics Prof on YouTube that did demonstrations ....equally interesting...can't remember his name..(One thing he would do.., large pendulum.....hold the ball to his chin..release and remain there)

Traer Bodley

If your not interested in what he can make with a lathe maybe you'd be interested in what I can make?

Adam Beltran

Do you think it would be possible to make a bowl out of Aerogel?

Car Hajja



but can alpha zero fry an egg?

Muhammed Shereef


Hminga Pachuau

That guy is gm rebecca harris right?

Paul Pamment

suggestion "The true queen's Gambit" an actual game I just played (1515) on lichess 1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 Qf6 3. exf6 1-0

African Rift Valley Fish

Punishing a player for continuing to win?!?-!?

sean jenkinson

Just if I saw this when it came out am washing in 2019


Dahil sa sira ulo nyang anak

c j

Hahah wassup Brah


the Kd2 Nxe4, after ... 26 Ke2 Rxg8, although white can guard the g2 pawn with g3, and black's h6 pawn will be picked up. Are the 3 connected black pawns on the queenside likely to secure a win being a pawn up but knight/bishop versus both white's bishops?

Coolguy 342003


Radek's Workshop

I use that yellow tool quite often when I build furniture, especially those made of plywood or melamine (which I used just few times). I should also mention that I very rarely use pocket holes or dowels. I obviously like biscuits but I would't buy the red tool, even though I'm European.

Phil o'Macc

I did it the other way round! My (human) opponent resigned in a similar situation (Qpawns v rookpawns) and out of curiosity I set to finish the game v the computer and I couldn't win (even though it kept evaluating me as 60 or something like that)!! I then realized how devilishly difficult this ending is. Of course there is the whole question of how you get to your starting position ... that also involves loads of tactics and colour ideas. Really tough ending I agree!!