Most Viewed The Infographics Show Videos of 2019 - Compilation

Whats wrong with camera mens.I'm literally watching all of these in my house it's dead quite I'm all alone in the darkI love your vids.Do you have a web site where I can get the bits you are using.Meek didnt play as badly as the other guys.Should have stopped flights from asia long ago took appropriate precautions.

Games were okey.

Games were okey.

It was just a bit to small and it was to damaged for me to repair it.Can u make video whats inside burj khalifa.Old dude made it really difficult to watch this video longer than 30 sec or so.Never doubt that.I wish you would have shown both sides after instalation.Pawn to g5 because it will be a checkmate.I recommend Python too.Funny guy, but I didn't even learn what any of this shows about Mastering the Middlegame.I don't want to come off as rude, but I shan't ramble.

I did notice in the Thingiverse page it says that there is built in support on the king.Viktor Kortschnoij - not only a great champion of the game but also a nice gentle man.Purchased 10,000 blocks.Just a quick question: The 4.Negreanu best player in the world.So I guess that isa chess rule I didn't know.Nykterstein"would translate in english to "Dr.Procrastination led me to this video.

No way its cheaper to roll

No way its cheaper to roll

Keep up the vids.Imagine the tactical inventiveness of rapid combined with the depth of classical, and this would be the match made in heaven.That edge just FEELS HARD and is so damned sharp!"oh you poor envious fools, stop hurting yourself.Do you actually take down the chess notation at the bar too?

That may have been in another video.

That may have been in another video.

But then again, time is irrelevant.Only took me a day to 'get' it.Hinduism wasn't started with the birth of krishnaBut was started with the BIRTH of thE HUMAN SPECIES.Or it could vibrate in Morse code.It's hard to fathom how much different the game of chess would be if Botvinnik had stuck with his "official" job.I will no strive to do better, thank you.Just what beginner woodworkers need, as well as more experienced peeps like me.Democratic Socialism is not communism.YouTube seems to spend a lot of energy trying to unsubscribe people without them doing so.

It looks like the king should move twice for every time the clans move?Tbh, when ppl say that they stole from badamun, that makes me mad.Where was the battery life test results?Linus Torvalds built is his own operating system following UNIX, but built for x86 computers around 1991, and thus is the creator of Linux.Amazing craftsmanship.I can only imagine how mentally exhausted both players must have been at the end of this game.

Abner BrasiI

why did cut the game? I was wachting everything and lost some 10 min of my life because you take off half of the game!Christoph Heesch!Christoph Heesch!Christoph Heesch

vincent chen

You're looked like a Mr Bean

Zachary Stanphill

If he plays the first three moves... "You know he's a noob and black will win."


"My quality of life has just gone downhill tremendously"

Mika and Mason Josiffoski

Hi,they say it is very hard to colour Smbc...did you just add gel food colour without Flo-coat or any other medium with it or did you use candy colours ? Thx in advance

Amira Hawila

My country doesn’t have snow , so idk what it’s like. :(

Nikola Slavov

The thumbnail punched the shit out of my mind.

Burt Chabot

I’ve bin booting around Linux projects for years on Raspberry Pie’s . I guessed bin and boot. Thank You for your authoritative explanation.


1 biggest lie in the world, ever:"lol".

twins two

I am really experiencing the power of beutiful music.


Could have been one cool garden table

Tom Tresco

wheres the Vice ???

Belle Nadeau

Lmao yes the tampon is a marker

Avyayas Bothra

The 8 8 8 one is the simplest.[Root over of (88/8)] Factorial.

Bemused Indian

As a dude with no background in engineering, your videos are a really good insight on how tech evolved over time. This is seriously good content.

Lawrence Lepes

Fantastic game!

Rafa Maek

Oh my gods, how come i found this channel do late? This is amazing, mr Krueger!

Anthony Brown

Somebody told me that Maurice Ashley was a doughnut

Jyotsna Patil

from where did you downloaded it? is it free?

Theo Kh

Wohooo early

chris perez

do you sell stuff like this? because its amazing.

anon ymous

trying to flag magnus and failing tactics...classic

Sebastiaan van Rijk

how does it work out in three dimensions ?

Anargya Ramadhan

Its become a fudge right