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Qf8 then black play Bg8 then white play Qf6 check then he was not option he want to cut queen with bishop on f6 then white B capture Bf6 checkmate.Both, your work and the music together is like enjoying a glass of matured wine from a barrel that stood for years.actually made my first dovetail because of you.Both a gentleman on and of the chessboard.A quick, rapidly deployable and accessible, effective and also safe treatment is urgently needed to not only save those patients, to curtail the spread of the epidemic, but also very important in the psychological assurance to people worldwide, and to the Chinese in particular.

Like I know it’s not, for some reason I just get that vibe.The first 4 minutes are just false, where are the sources ?E esse barulhinho delcia.

These are used with most deck screws.

These are used with most deck screws.

Every time i hear the troll theme i have flashbacks to CarlSagans Just do it better level.OMG I know im late but I just realized this dude is slightly cross eyed.So the answer is -800 -200 worth bag 1000.Hi and thanks very much!Definitely one of the most fun games I've seen.I cant belive how many times ive seen this.

But why would that work?Where do you buy it?6:11 snotty girl.That's the same amount i wasted on this nilbog milk!3rd question answer is 24.Doom has Brutal DoomChess has Battle Chess.3:30 did that from here and i got 41.Sir do you have job opening for cnc experienced person.You could make 5d chess with this flattening method as well you have only extended one axis from a top down view now if you extend in another axis it will be 5d chess of coarse it gets exponentially more complicated but that's the point.The Russians learned this and many would be happy to draw with Fischer but Fischer would rather lose fighting than accept a draw.

Just stick one of

Just stick one of

Love the show love Ebony love the cast.I started playing chess only a few years ago and these have helped me understandand improve on my chess a ton.8:10 Whats wrong with that?Can you use Cake Flour to make this cake?Of course probably too late to tell the devs.Moe your neck going red.So Yasser has busted the open Sicilian.

That whisper made me sad,

That whisper made me sad,

Nice video doing greattttttt.Bro I'm on ur side,couple of friends think I'm crazy but it is spirits.I just wanted to be like all these other douche bags and dog the cameraman because im sure he gets paid a 9 digit salary and gives a flying fuck ).How you started your first program, please tell us.I will destroy my dad now.He has a complete understanding of chess and no understanding of what means being cool.Im not trying to spread any sort of vegan propaganda, but things like this really make you consider the mental and moral repercussions of slaughtering hundreds of animals a week.4:22 dude u gotta recognize pins.

WHY NOT TAKE PAWN A ND FORK QUEEN AND ROOK HE GAVE U SO MANY CHANCES BY MOVING HIS BISHOP?What is stopping the king to move to h6 on 7:56?Isn't it moot during a 5 min game.Please upload mammootty movies: "RAJADHIRAJA" "RAPAKKAL" in HD 720p Quality.Did i miss where he explains how the 5 topples, where does that extra 1 go?But this type of probability is very common in real life.Very cool nice work.

I had something similar

I had something similar

I will be ordering your plan in the morning, although that will probably be evening in your part of the world.Hello viewers,watch this my 3D Art link below : if like this please subscribe like and share.I'm not talking about in the endgame.Why not keep that annoing shit music in a headset, not forcing people who wants to hear the comments to listen to that distracting crap aswell !Juanda292 If you mean Nf2, that just loses the knight to Rxf2.I always have had difficulty checkmating with the bishops, and I keep getting a stalemate.This is how many times you have watched a Vat 19 ad.


1:29 what if the qeeen goes to d4?2:27 what if the queen capture my knight??

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5:07 Of course it's a coincidence. Mathematicians know no vanity.


Love the way that you are transparent with your mistakes, nothing occluded you push on make good, no stress. It gives those of us who aspire to have your skills the grit to carry on when we make errors. Fantastic result very satisfying to watch the making, start to finish. Subscribed.

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Grabe ang galing ni boy

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wait how old are his kids? lol

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Rook to a1 was also possible.isn't it???

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Could your company get a hold of meI like what your doing with CNC machines and training I want to open my own shop.

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Imagine if this guy can't imagine.


Not espresso. That's just a Moka pot. Calm down.

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My mom used to inspect circuitboards.

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JUST DONT HIT THE BATTERY oh wait I’m watching this on a Note 7 and my charging it ahh I’m going to di

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why 22. Bf7? Maybe better was Rd1 (played in move 23).. Then Rxg2 Qxg2 Bxg2 and Kxg2. The ending is 2R N B Vs Q R. it is still "playable".. Any comments?

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1:39 song pls

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Five years later and not a peep from these guys?

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I love this. Thankyou so much for sharing this. Suggestion: Use a pipette to apply epoxy. You could use multiple colors then.So many possibilities.

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Rather over-exuberant chandelier?

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mato said he will drop the drumroll next month.

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Superbo! Complimenti!!!

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nice video! Ugly lemniscate...


I don't know if the last game could be considered the finest of Jerry's, but it's certainly magical to watch.

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WHAT??! This man is officially a mad genius

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Thank you Sir.


Hi from Brazil