Morozevich struggles against unsound Ruy Lopez side line | World Blitz Championship

Is it bad I rewatch all these and still laugh.And since the difference between 12.There is such a thing as dry steam as well as wet steam.Mae ann: ano po pangalan niyaMelanie: jonell.Later, it became flat.Give a little authority purpose when they hit the game board.8:54 when you panned your cam something standing in street.Mam we don't need to put salt in it for baking it.

Boi tht shit is funny.

Boi tht shit is funny.

Tal attack is Fantastic.A good friend is one who tells you when you're wrong, but Shaun sure does cut to the bone.Preps me for my online wars lol.That was the best video about arduino i've ever seen.Anyone else has never seen Jurassic Park?I think I hear Magnus criticize people's speed more than anything.This the first time I understood why he said "sorry about that".I really support Ronnie but in this game I was lost I didn't know what gonna happen.Great stuff enjoyed watching.

Looking forward to  more awesomeness!I find it hard to believe, what if black didnt go to that side of the board but as far away from the blockading knight.Down voted because only a cunt cuts out the final moments of a final moments video.This guy doesn't play any KID's or Grunfeld's like Duda.Just a large gaping square hole remained but the tone arm, reproducer and a good selection of needles were still there.Looks like a bishop sacrifice and an attempted queen sacrifice.Those darn Chinese inches!I have no one to play with but I wasnt to learn.You can USUALLY get away with using the 'wrong' crosshead screwdriver type but with big screws under strong tightening forces, using a Philips screwdriver on a Posidriv (and the reverse) will DAMAGE the screw head.Cours id:NR8JGKY6G.

It was kinda weird that the winner was on the oposite side in this game :D I was waiting for Alekhine to play the killa move and win somehow it was a bit of surprise thx Mato.9:04 "pretty black men and women".It's refreshing to see different ideas and to see people use their imagination.Now drop a grand piano.Flip on drink champs!If yes show how to play after this variation.And liek cultists grabebd the guy n took him out to be executed!He hadnt fully dried off yet, and the warmth of the fire was more welcome than the warmth of Magnus's hands.This game will probably keep Naka up at night.Thank you very much !

You can leave them

You can leave them

Checking randomly.They named a drink after the ravens punter.You or a good carpinter!Workbench is still there !The memes are great great work!I want an enterprise in a bottle for my father.The only spot light that the dems have is that they are NOW the Socialist Communist Party, period.Several years after I made that project, I became disgusted that what had started out as a prized heirloom-to-be morphed into something that I had relegated to the top shelf of my closet.7:16 'Bishop to b4'.What IDE are you using?

It would be a dream to meet him

It would be a dream to meet him

Love the fish in the side of it.Wow very nice jobs.What size are those strap hinges?Nice pottery wheel.This is gorgeous.I liked the bolts showing, adds a little bit of industrial look.OMouse chess is sport.I bought DELL PE 820's and not sure how to Visualize 3 Desktops with zero clients.

Paul Morphy

3:45 Entire audience get angry at magnus' comment and attack his camera with condensed beam of psychic energy


The opponent is a CM in Indonesian, i think so

Vanessa Gaskin

Is it only me that thinks Pigpen from Peanuts was highlighted as his childhood persona


4D masturbation

KungFu Steezy

Everytime ma boi chris comes on undisputed "LEBRAAAWNN"

Eric Hughes

You are so talented!!

The boring programmer


Aileen Bremner

All self-published, all were dogshit.

Salvador Hightower

Thanks for this gem, hailings from Chile!

deepak chauhan

very helpful video ..thanx

Hunter Petrovich

It's a mini top fuel block!!

Maggie Hansard

Very clever!

Josh Landgraf

You are actually almost correct about the NH3/NH4 pun, NH3(Ammonia) is a gas and NH4(Ammonium) is a salt.


omg stop with the cringey memes. They add no humour to the situation

Pothu Rasagna

Excuse me , in question 12 ,we are selecting and arranging them in circle right so it is also permutation right


The U.S. Flag Code technically does not forbid this kind of cutting board because it's not embroidered, printed, a box, or meant to be disposable, but I'm pretty sure it forbids using it as a cutting board, which might easily damage or stain it. It also forbids carrying the flag horizontally or using the flag to carry something else, which would be very inconvenient for a cutting board's intended use. The folks wanting to put it on their wall or something probably have the right(or at least the Flag-Code-compliant) idea.