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Very good I like vdo.Throw the whole family away!It blows my mind that he BUILT his own guitar with his dad using practical and personal items, that turns out so unique that big guitar companies copy his setup AND on top of that goes on to use it as a member of one of the biggest rock bands in history and STILL uses his original homemade guitar.So easy it was to understand.I wish good health to all your family.1:32 burn doesn’t look very good for an $85 cigar.I can sense your hesitation.

Please keep making more vids!Me reaching for my Bible : I'm gonna end this person's career.It was a pretty cool lesson from you, and I have a new skill now.That is such a great solution to matching a slight overcut!Or does it need to be polyethylene?How many queens are you allowed to have pawned.In the second game a plan for black is to play 14.

There are only about 10 Russian World Chess champions: how hard is it to have a decency and try to pronounce their names correctly?I'm playing an engine that made that move, and neither I nor it have a response for white that ends in a forced mate.Very exact and clean work, congratulations!Hi, What is the software you are using in this video to show the moves?That d-stroy pun was godly.

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The King Beats the World.And you took 3 moves.Better than most movies!They use base 10 because each finger has 3 segments, plus the thumb.Python is amazing, I always recommend it to newbies.

Impossible 1815 is not correct.2001 space Odyssey.So yeah, thanks, looks good on the paper.Wack ass stream.I started making scale models after my college and that was my prime business along side Stirling engines and restoration job, I made huge losses and finally joined a bank, but I still take risk every day and keep venturing beyond my desk job.Would you please provide a some suggestions on what can I do to avoid these issues except for controlling the moisture content?If you have a copter on your yacht.Nakakaiyak namn.Damn gosu gen has such a joker laugh.Greg will be jealous that you're playing around with other tools.


When the video is done . . . do you ever ask yourself: Why did I make it ?Are you that insecure and narcissist that you think others should see what you do ?


It's not a piece sacrifice or anything. You know it's Carlsen. He would win anyway.

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What did they call classical music in 1750 ?

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my god his parents are evil.

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Why black did not eat pawn at b3 with rook

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Teen titans was right lol

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