Mitered & Splined Keepsake Box

Hahahaahaha orange man bad.Why did he attack pawn on F2 istead of E2?That was classy of you how you mention Ox tools.

Friday comes before thursday of the next week!It's a horse its not knight.Or many other acdc.What was the point of the resin?Seirawan in person.Excellent video and a great piece of work.I thought, why turn Plywood?

Sometimes people think they have to

Sometimes people think they have to

How about your wedding guest WCh Smyslov next?"Your body can't separate from your mind".The sound is awful.MAGNIFICENT WORK!"Rebooting universe"pucci voiceMAEDO IN HEBAN DA!

Remi in that thumbnail lookin

Remi in that thumbnail lookin

Pati nga ngipin wala!As now I'm using K10 K20 carbid but it's pain in the ass to grind it.My respects from Argentina.Most of the Answers are known to Muslims!I actually thought the knight would go to e4 with the idea of pawn takes knight queen takes pawn attacking rook, rook moves then queen takes c6 attacking other rook that moves then getting on the diagonal  in front of the bishop and moving rook to c file and then 7th rank to take knight protecting mate on f8,but prob too slow.

1) the handshake is icecold2) there's zero eye contact between the opponents3) You can leave whenever you want and keep ur opponent waitingWtf.This channel deserves more subscribers!I love the video and the creativity, keep up the good work!Woman's wear is not correct to interview World Champion of chess.Quotes If you want to be a loser hang out with losers.One or two is enough and then get back to the real game.100:40, otherwise known as 5:2!In the opening not wasting so much time or let him calculate 1 minute for obvious move and with the same CPU power like A0.Black's knight and dark bishop were trapped in useless positions for most of the game.I do believe it is possible to have to use more than 4 colours if we are talking maps for countries if the countries are split up into pieces, which is something that's technically a thing in real life?

Now following your work.I like that Your dog is always at the same place on the sofa :P.Congratulations Ivan!I couldn't stop laughing at the "sorry about that, let me just fix that".Black always plays pawn d6.In cases like this, players become merely the arms of computer programs.Superb Master woodworker.If you opt to play 1.

De Fowl

I can't understand the spiritual box.


As much as I love watching these. I always wonder... Why or what do people do with them . Do you keep them or sale them ? Because like,I have about 6 models and they take up space,I can't even begin to imagine where would you store all of yours. :d

Santtu Isometsa

I was just watching the movie of Ramanujan's life while browsing the internet. I then went to youtube and this was the first video suggested.... Put your foil hats on, They Are Listening.

Zing Megamind

tell me the name of video editor app

Genghis Khan

PH? Lol its not a grow room lol

Badger Workshop

Looks great. I don't think I will have that urge.

Veronika Murillo

8 peones


If there more universes,then it's impossible were the only living beings,No way

Monster watermelon

Con cht n c m ka chy vua chi


Damn it! Donkey or the day goes to, master P.For not living what he speaks!.CMURDER! You woke! Yeah heard!

Tracey Osterlind

Oooooooo! Tell us about that picture frame at 16:52. I have very similar ones made by mygrandfather, before I got to know him. I got so excited about seeing that frame, I forgot to mention what an outstanding piece from your ammo box! Now going to look for more kumiko videos.

Azizul Karim

How do you find the textures.How can I find them or create them easily

hailey Levick

Mohanlalinum sreenivasanum 70vayasilano kutti undayathu? what a bore, makeupinu oke oru limittilede pottan director?

Mike Cicciarella

You are the reason William had to leave his place before this, I undestand now "dangerous science experiments"


I gained a lot of respect for anand after this game, even though he lost. I felt most of the games this championship he has been playing too unambitiously. This game I felt he wanted that win..


Super well-made video. Thanks so much.

C List

Damn , that's sweet. I would love to have a CNC.

Yasmine Grant

This was very interesting and cool and I loved the excitement and energy while explaining this complex subject in a layman's way of understanding.

David Williams

Great job. Is this hulk for sale if so how much and where do I go to purchase it

dino gallagher

Gold hardware parts will be nice..just an opinion..

Paulo Carvalho

Magnus Carlsen is just outstanting! Even Agadmator can’t hide his appreciation for the World Champion!Supremacy!!!