Miss Saigon - Alain Boublil/Claude-Michel Schonberg/arr. Johan de Meij

) or the lovely high 5 moment at the end.Goyco le pona huevos.What is the main use of a home lab?

But my problem is

But my problem is

This is THE video that defines the DIY spirit properly.I've been wanting to do this but am always worried about a few things.Is that food safe?Im gona make an entire wall then invite my Drunk friends over.Moral ofthestory Be responsible and supportiveparentsHavefaith in God.It looks like there's blood all over it.Yet there's still this looking back I always felt, as if I am looking back at 12 year old and 8 year old me and telling them "hey there guys, how are you doing over there?You are an amazing maker Jimmy, an inspiration for me and a lot of guys here in Brazil.

Looking for that 79.

Looking for that 79.

Sometimes you guys seem spiritually invested in it.)and nothing, i just keep getting same error.There’s a very popular argument that abuse makes psychopaths or not and it really doesn’t matter.I managed to take apart the lattice from the inside and for putting it back together I built the outside first.You need to have a better audio man as the echo in the shop is really bad.What supplies do you recommend to start grinding hss tooling?

These nails are

These nails are

I have this set myself, it's really cool but I haven't taken the statues out of theirs boxes.This guy is just great, CCSCSL please have him do more lectures.I mean Goats will eat anything.I envy having premium plywood that's readily available.Is that their score?Can I presume you are barely shaving off end grain in your "final" jointery?

API is pretty backwards compatible it seems.The way he smiles talking about em, that’s real friendship.He really just made us all lose the game.Whats funny is that this is one of my really good friends and I just randomly stumbled upon this vid lmao.Credited to Jonathan Pace.Thanks guys for sharing these Gems and someone to be admired.After hours days and weeks you surface with a---------- cuttingboard -?That's the channel I always needed !

It's quite late comment for the old topic.

It's quite late comment for the old topic.

But at the very probable risk of sounding ignorant - What is it that has been made ?The poor kid doesn't even make decisions, he's a robot because it's all he was told and taught.Bf1 Qxe1 ( if 3.I have been trying to decide between the Smart Board and the Centaur and this video provided an easy to understand comparison in relation to the size of the two boards.75 seeds are still seeds (6x12x12x12).Wilson’s Immortal: Pawn takes 2 knights in one move.Other than that you make some awesome pieces.I'm not a high level player but it helps a lot to see the game played and reasons for moves explained in real time.

A cross is also demonic too.

A cross is also demonic too.

You are the goat.Nice work, by the way.Great analysis as always, Jerry!They will have as much as me.5 speed plackback.In solving this, we are acting as an AliceBob hybrid, using information only known to both, (when Alice and Bob are both unable to know each others tree count), but subconsciously using this to apply to both parties, and apply logical analysis with this additional information that Alice and Bob, by the rules set out, don’t have access to.I've even thought of a layer of glass, then epoxy over it to add depth.


Always loved your work. Keep it up from New Zealand!

Tina Tipps

Looks awesome

Anthony Palomar

Nice tyre, your the only machinist I've ever seen ,that can make things happened ,through your brilliant mindset. Wowwww



I predicted the bishop AND knight move immediately, although I didn't really understand why D:


wow the stick figures are better than me at minecraft

Jogendra Karan

Nice video thanks


Sun and surf as chess and cough


This gave me a dark yet optimistic glimpse into the future... your last breath, on the floor, finger somehow still on the trigger of a drill, building all the way through into the afterlife, still a better maker than 99% of the living. Hahaha! The world needs you for as many years as she can have you. Your contractual (from when you agreed in a comment 6 months ago) YouTube son, billi Maddox.

Marbles And 45's

he forgot to say "i'm ben finegold and you're not" and now I am super confused who I am


Petrosian was a great, although different to Tal. He also had a famous positional exchange sacrifice against Reshevsky (Petrosian with black) that you could find quite juicy to comment!

Sharon Lewis

Love you Moe but when do we get to see a legit video?

Joo Machado

Great game, John! Thanks for sharing it! At 16:58 you mentioned Qh3 would lead nowhere after his h6 move, but then you could just go Qxh6. If Kxh6 then Nxf7 getting the Queen back with double attack on the Rooks. Even losing the Bishop on e2, white would be better after taking the Rook on c8.