Mir Sultan Khan - the unsung Grandmaster

Too pricey for my tastes, so I’ll have to change the colour.NICE, I WANT ONE.Oooo God im dad laughing.I was hopping so much for nakamura to winHe had it.

But you can make the script an editor script to get around that.Its so pleasing to watch you work.I wonder about your lot of information.And would do more with people to support his efforts elected to U.No way, this game had to be fixed - he spent way too much time thinking about that move and then didn't mate?Love your videos!I forget evry game after watching another video on agadmator.

Changing the quality?

Changing the quality?

I love the youtube music you put up, where can i find it?This gets old fast.- Contact with the Target Language.If it is a secret trick then why does it have a 'popular name'?What a fantastic talk.May Master P and his son Romeo continue to build wealth and be an inspiration to brown people.Thanks a lot, you are a great shower of queen sacrifices.I use the book 'Play 1.But the king can eat the bishop?

Because the one with the wolf and the other animals it was 2 which would work with the alcuin number.Apple just a bunch of overpriced products.Please help it's urgent.Please have luis on again some time!When castling on the queenside, instead, we can apply the same reasoning to the squares c1 and d1, but what about the b1 square?How to get into Google?So yes, it doesn't matter what language you pick.Although I nearly had him, eventually I lost because my king had no room to escape.

Advantageous for white?Closed, positional, would be interesting to know what is going on under sea level.It's also a ohelo berry that the goddess pela loved to eat on the big Island.Then the white queen will take the bishop and pawn and will get the extra advantage which will brought him to the victory.I love refinishing furniture.Napaiyak ako so bra.Black can just take c4.Video is 24 minutes long That is a very regular length video for coding challenges xD.All I’m saying is you best be on your game if you want to emulate old Alpha.

Rob Tran

Why was fine gold never world champion?


14:05 Me: ah, next white Queen can take the c4 pawn as wellagadmator: of course the black knight will for the King and the Queenme: ah, touche

Shay Sway

Not gonna lie, id buy one

Johns goggle account Neuland

Yo a hand prints

Abhinav Bob

Nice dudes

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

6:30 /opt is where any software not managed by your package manager and not compliant with FHS is installed. if it's not managed by your package manager but is FHS compliant then it goes into /usr/local. Doesn't matter if it's vendor software, homebrew, or old UNIX applications other than the fact that these tend not to be compliant with FHS.


Is there any relationship between cough and chess. If they have ....they should break up RIGHT NOWW!!!

Michael Reed

Old school cool.All those people complaining about paint colour and stickers.. when YOU restore one you can do what you like. There's been nothing done to damage it, and if not for Tysy then it would still be a rusty old POS.

Aaron Newman

I have chess class tomorrow, but I’ll forget everything

Juan Fontanals Solves

This is my millionth literal time watching this video

Laceyann Matthews

if I had these shoes id never leave my house.. I want pizza now =(

Sailesh Raut

How can white avoid it?

Han Boetes

What a beautiful game!