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Teleserye for team Joritz.I am even more excited to watch next videos in the series.Felicitaciones amigo.Who else is watching but doesn’t know how to play chess?Can you tell me which engine is?Tapes on steroids.2:46 obviously the guy has no idea of what it takes to master the game of chess."Hey how did you get eight legs on this horse" Loki : mylitleponyop.What dummies disliked?

Really beautifull and what a good idea.

Really beautifull and what a good idea.

69 them clowns is weirdos we bread different in Cali when it comes to this street life for real but to each his or her own every state has its killers Facts.It's very good.This guy is actually a bit retarded.Stockfish just strayed a bit too deep into absolute zero waters.Just because they were rooting against him.Learn from the very best.Excellent workmanship.Very nice, but $240 for that tool is way overpriced.

Thanks for another great show Jerry.Chess tricks: pitfalls and swindles by I.The game is very weak at chess and it gets boring in 2 hours.Thanks for the videos!Meaning Al - kohl?But the way you explain how games are not won or lost in the opening, unless you make horrible unsafe moves,but in the middle (tactics) or endgame.Can you post vidoes on attacking king's indian defense?BGM bayangaram aa.

Did you teach your son, Spencer, to play that?It looks like chocolate!23:25 the reason Fried Liver attack is called this way comes from the dish Fegatello which is liver fried with onion.You say it so fast.You are a saint i cant thank you enough.3:26 Does anyone explain me?

Pani Danuta

Love Naka dance. I will try to implement it for sure :)


This laptoip as of 3/3/20 it is $300.




just great work. i am always repurposing things.i like your videos,learns me some stuff,thank you.

Fred Mannie

What kind of transparent material of wall u used to keep water non-pour-out ?

Anna The Nord

Fuck, I could be related to her

P Lantana

I built one but can't keep it lit by feeding in twigs. Any tips?

Elaine L.

Let's go USA, vote Bernie Sarders

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