Mikhail Tal vs Alexander Koblents 1965

Great video, except I had to mute it every time Danny spoke to avoid cringing.With a 2 second increment and up a piece that guy had no reason to flag on time.Please keep making them with other grandmastersHarikrishna seems to have plateaued with his style around the world 20 ranking.

I'm guessing it was just how you edited the video, but something to look out for in the future.That is absolute genius.Perfection was what he was after excellence was what he’d settle for winning was the only thing worth striving for, but hardly the only acceptable end.His wood scented shop was one of my favorite hangouts.I see Magnus I click I simple.I actually really like this guy other than killing the animals.Or at least I think that was it’s name.

Instead we got a beautiful

Instead we got a beautiful

It seems weird if there is no noise as youre moving.Possibly the most gut wrenching scene of the series with a beautiful and haunting Desplat score.Lol, a japanese with a complete beard.Last one was pure nerdgasm.But you are definitely great at explaining things.The proper grammar is ".Lmao why am i herei dont even remember how to play chess.Unlike a router bit the milling cutter has a spiral grind on the end to give  a smooth cut.Tryng to go back to nostalgic daysss.

5:14 Is that a part?I'm so terrible at finding these checkmates.03 how pawn captured e6.6:00 that was a nice trap for the queen if you take ra8.Congrats Hanah God bless.Look up Transferring prints to wood.God bless you bujjodaa!Hi Agad,have you done any of Fischer's games from the 1970 Inter-Zonal tournament-his rating was over 2800 for that competition."All who live must face Her Judgment.Otherwise the pawn is hanging.

Drywall screws are very hard to drill through sheetrock which basically makes them very brittle and weak.Now I'm wondering what it would sound like if these guys collaborated with They Might Be Giants.You're like the WalterWhite of Epoxy Casting.Indeed like a poetry!With all that glue in the corner, didn't you finally put too much on the stile so the main panel won't be able to expand ?Apparently she's a he!The Robertson drive has recently become more popular in Australia although we call it a Square drive.The thread dial is labeled 1-4 with 12 divisions.

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I love ur videos

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Boring head is better than no head

Oscar O.

The title only works for 1500 players btw


Thanks for the review! Is it possible to reupload this without the stupid Kim joke thrown in there? I find that offensive because of how ridiculous her fame is. For me personally it lowered the value of the entire video and I will not share the video. But if you can reupload it that would be wonderful. It's probably asking too much and yes I'm a prude. Thank you again for the review part. The rest of the video is also enjoyable and relaxed!

Mary Osorio’s Cake 503


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The only opening I know is the one with 4th move checkmate

luke john s right

This is some high quality bulls

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When was this recorded?

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Sahi game dale Bhai.. Jordar

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wax on wax off:D

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We you have?z(WeA.

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Argentina no es tercero es segundo