Mikhail Tal Solves Hardest Chess Problem Ahead of 99% of Chess Engines (UPDATED)

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Ezrah Molina

I would.

Stavros Arababaslis

2nd puzzle cant you take the horse with queen and then mate in 2?

Joshua Kian Balaguer

I am also 14 and focusing to master chess... Thank you Bobby Fischer for inspiring me further



Ravel Tammeleht

Cant watch your video, every 2 minutes there is an advertisement... The Irony is that I saw your video as an advertisement, now all I see is adds upon adds. As if suddenly youtube is on add mayhem lol


I do love Ben but what's his beef with London and the 'British' people? It's a city with character and bad weather


The queen wouldn't be defended on c2

Adriana Newsum

A different level of chess... Carlsen is like the Emporer (Star wars), and plays with great power and very subtly.... I am waiting for a Luke Skywalker... or perhaps a Princess Leia...

Kevin Lee

Everytime I watch the video, he only plays with lower rated players.

Azra Ates

peki bu satran tahtay nerden aldn

samt almasi

Rg1Can’t stop it by Rook or Queen. If white King goes to a2 then black queen takes on Qxa3.And no matter what white does then Ra1 mates.

virgil kartodikromo



Great insight, thanks for the video as usual!

Nico Leeb

Where can I learn all the openings and counter? Does anyone know pls answer

Eli Phelps

Svidlar on the roof legit got me

Allan Quatermain

Magnud is a monster

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

horrible:( :(

NMV 13

When I saw the King move at 1:43, I thought the board was already broken before Dan actually destroyed it....since that's not suppose to happen. But then I realized that he just misplaced the King and Queen for both colors, leading me to conclude that the board itself moves pieces blindly assuming they are the correct pieces according to it's location and the app does all the calculated work. So the board is not as smart as I thought, but that is still REALLY cool!

Axel Holm

I can place 9 B)