Mikhail Tal 1967-73 - World Chess Champion - Kingscrusher Radio Show (Chessworld.net)

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You say thanks for watching, but I would rather say thank you for showing this masterpiece made by your own hardworking hands.Starting to feel like he is probably more even with 2nd and 3rd place than we realize if those guys take the risk to not draw and lose.If you're picking a moment to stop and measure infinity, I think it is the value which it was not just prior to your chosen moment.I did here the guy.Callm down it's just a machine with couple of servos and rotating sticks.Resign kyu karte hain, game complete kyu nahi karte ?This japanese's ego is getting bigger.Why you dont show all the games from tata steel rapid.Or do you just "flood" the surface with the goo and let it soak.You are way too smart to be a communist.

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ncintike I'm pretty sure the song is called "Diagon Alley and The Gringotts Vault". :)

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all these games are wonderful technique, no interesting tactics.His tournament games are more interesting.

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The game started at 8:20.

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Um, Cornbread appears to be going through heroin withdrawal.So, I don't want to take anything away from John, but, I don't think Cornbread was at his best.

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Is there an advantage to creating everything in the script like you do. Vs making the cells into individual objects and dragging them into the unity view. Btw in contrast to what other people are saying, I kind of like the quick pace of this tutorial.

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Highlight Reel1 "Some beeg blunder by world-such player like as Magnus Carlsen"2 "Look his face unhappy"3 "Anand will drink some... drinks"4 "King is coming like train on time"5 "Now what I remember it should be draw. But how?!"6 "World Cham... Former World Champion Magnus Carlsen beeg blaander, beeg blaander"(Bonus: Position verrry complicate, but looks Yuyangi faster! Some treecks, some treecks file maybe yes, g6!"

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16:54 King??

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How did you mount the board to the frame?


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After Qh6, Qf7 check, black king moves and Queen takes f5 and protects the bishop.Qh6 just loses a pawn.

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When Keith yelled I DID IT I belly laughed for the first time in like 6 months