Mike & Kay Can't Relate To Their Kids | Season 1 Ep. 1 | OUTMATCHED

Black was on defense the whole game, not once attacking just TRYING to protect.SuggestionGukesh D vs IM Barseghyan.This is what i have been searching for.

Dis needed to be said God is

Dis needed to be said God is

One can find gamesstarting in 1920 with Greco and then all the giants.Please write my name also plzzzzzzzzzzzzz my name is charisma.I got similar vice and broken at same place.7:29 he put the one coming second first they would have been 1st wtf.While watching this is felt a dejavu because the way he lost and how magnus dominated most of the game even making mistakes reminds me of how I always lose which is the same way he lost again carlsen.When you have a home and land, why on earth would you use these dry goods when you should be growing your own ?

I'm getting ready to build kitchen cabinets and I'm wondering if placing sacrificial 14 inch Luan on both sides of the boards being routed would prevent the splintering tear-out I see happening in this video.It would be fun!This guys voice is hypnotic!Wassssuuppp Dog!No mostly the c6 knight go to a5.

For these reasons, the tables have been selected to honor a great American chess hero.The tips are good but its just the way you was sayingtelling them and also I agree with Da Champ Guam about the extra piece of pizza.And truckloads of old detailed interiors from "machiya" (old narrow homes and stores) from Kyoto are seen just being hauled away to the dump.I have been watching your Tal videos ever since, and am understanding his thinking a bit more all the time.(Probably start with simple songs, unisono (only one voice or instrument)).Not into archery (not sure why youtube sent me here), not planning on making a bow, but feel like buying a bow string off this guy anyway, just to support him.

Maybe post some blitz or bullet games of your own against fans, or some tutorials, but just to change things a bit and keep everyone on their toes.It makes me want to break my teeth out with a hammer.6:00 Windows did not have glass, shutters were for the rich or added later to defensive castles.Why did Anand end the gamehe still had a chance.I am 58, and love this channel!Ga perlu repot2 korban gajah buat makan perwira yg masih terkunci.

Not because of a pawn.

Not because of a pawn.

People Of Earth.25 treesDay 4, with an expected cumulative total of 5."as long as your plans are good there's no need to hide them" that's a good one.They're pretty new especially to people in rural areas.Mate in 1, still theory.You seriously weren’t going to show that man on who broke one of the original cylinders on live TV with his shaky hands?I am sure the table turned out great but I could not continue watching someone who shows others how to not do it safely.Andrei, how wide do you make the initial strips before they are glued?It’s so relaxing to listen to.Don't blame the cameraman - it's the directoreditor who is at fault!

I have been rewatching the earlier

I have been rewatching the earlier

Its 7 moves but if were lucky the opponent will allow a 5 move mate instead.Great idea on the salt and pepper shakers.I am reasonably sure that rook e8 refutes queen f5 at 41:00.I'm guessing you forgot to put in your riving knife when cutting that maple 6:15.D 3 d2 d1 and d-stroy lol.PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!Are shorts alright?

Dhritiman Gogoi

Amazing chess game


Im a Asian so play another board game like this but it surprise me when the rule are the same thing as the one i play

Giri Raj

Thanksvery muchnice

The Grandmaster

Can you please tell me the best continuation for b3. My opponents always play it


Has ha

Syra Estraa

ngayon ko lng to napanoodnakaka iyak


So Youtube is recommending this video now... look at how young he looked!


Great job mr john....Hobibungkus

Cedric Sutjiadi

Does it include EXTRA QUEENS?

Dewey does it

Super cool. You can send it to me. I'd display it proudly and I would feature it on my channel. But only if you autograph it. I can send something to you also.

yan chang

I’ll have to get mine the old fashioned way,,,,buy it.


I can't believe Kara got that guess on her first try!

Daniel Kolbin X


Naveen patel Rajarapu

Q2KV anna Manam oxygen Ni pilchukoni CO2 Ni release chestham kadha ..manaloki aha CO2 ela vachindhi alane trees ki O2 ela vachindhi

Hami Khan

Who won ?

Aki Oddlove

Ned you could remake the tiktok video but instead of using a toy gun, you can use a banana

gnoxie rck