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Sir please show us macro and variable programming.If someone did not already know how the Knight moved this tutorial would only confuse them.He is funny, and has a very similar questionanswer technique.So, finally, the snake doesn't recognize it can't eat itself.I would love to be able to work with a great lad like Rob, shame that Germany does not have many people interested in stuff like this.OMG,ten year olds are smarter than I !People have done harder time for weed charges.Does anyone know where I can but the led he used for the sphere.

That is incredible!3:03 -- Of the three possible captures at d5, take-be-pawn is the one the engine prefers least.Trash talking chess with gms.If you need to kill to steal you clearly have no skills.Trn scotlen trng c mt s ch i qun cha tt lm.In 5:24 why not Rock capture knight on e3?Hi :) sorry but maybe g4 instead of f3 winning a piece ?Amatorsko bawiem si troch w odlewnictwo ale nawet w zamknitej dwuczciowej formie grna powierzchnia odlewu zawsze posiadaa niedoskonaoci, tak jakby faktur sera z dziurami.After I read a few of your books, Play Winning Chess, Winning Chess Tactics Winning Chess Strategies, I started destroying people!

Leather edges would have been better

Leather edges would have been better

Trucks do that’s horns.Why is the pawns capturing horizontaly when moving diagonal?They've come a long way and they deserve everything nowwww aaaahhhhh how young they were back then thats when I didnt know about them.He improved 6 Elo points and didn’t lose a game.One of the best games I've seen in a long time.Fantastic board!Then Magnus gives you eight moves and still beats you while drinking and listening to music.

This is so nicethat maam gave my daughter

This is so nicethat maam gave my daughter

Just FYI it's wrong to call Vassily Ivanchuk.This looks like a string dogg video.Lol I really like how much Ben doesn’t like these kids.There are like blood's traces.Bet you didn’t notice.I love watching the Queen fork.Last round you have done too fast and while turning cube also you have confused me more.The second "half" is simpler.Nalulungkot lang po ako.

I have a question forveterans

I have a question forveterans

Thank you, MajorPrep!The person who made the first move has a strategical advantage.Do you guys have a link to the video of the "secret match" mentioned around.Kan ada Ster makan ster nantinya menang Putih.You forgot the Scholar's Mate :C.13 year old Magnus would've adopted Fischer in his prime, and you know I'm not trolling.I seem to recall, back in the late 50s early 60s, you could by a auto changer record player that had an adaptor that slid over the spindleand took a number of 45's with the centres knocked out, but used the auto changer for the 45's as well as LP's.12:35 you got e5!

BTW what do you call the screws yur are using for the pivot links?You explain nicely.Maybe I don't see something, but if this works I thought it might be fun to share.Lu ra vid qu anh i ).I'm no expert, but I wish I could find moves like his!Super duper useful.Next Make your own operating system.RThankyouwhereis.

Frank Spencer

If Magnus ever played that line against me, then 2..e6 3 d4 d5 is about equal on the bot analysis. Of course he would pummel me with tactics, positional play and time, but matching him for 3 moves would be my magnum opus.

Daan Breur

Nice video! But how you do that auto makup like what uou do on 13:50


I saw a black bin bag move twice by the door that shut

Zach Thompson

One way to get non-angry bee heads could be if you kill them in one hit.

Weasel 65

Holy cow, I actually figured out Re7 when the video paused (my ELO is around 900s). These are great videos and you make them entertaining to watch.(didn't get the second one at 11:16, I picked f3)

Sanket Patil

"The answer of a question is sometimes opposite than what you mighthave thought." -- Anonymous"But it's always true at chess"--Me.

Madame Minty

Lmao it's now $599HHHH $299.

Hai Le Hoang

Perfect games lead to draw. Where did I hear that?


people cheat online. no honor left.


Ako lang ata hindi naglalaro ng mga bagong pakulo ng ML.

Saquon Barkley

"Savage trash talk"? Guess you've never played sports

lDean S

Yasser has both chess skills and teaching skills. What an awesome combination!

Michael Estepp

Its a 'zero' because the values in each position is equal to the number of invalid neighbors it has

Harjap Singh

do you purposefully make your voice extremely calming or is that just how it is?

Britney Gibau

Unaffectionate 14:24 whenever anyone is affectionate to them

Daniel Lu

if you use 45-45-90 triangles and 30-60-90 triangles, you can easily tell that alpha is 45, and beta is 30. then when all the constructions are done, you can see that alpha, beta, and gamma add up to 90. furthermore, we can determine that gamma = 90 - (45 30) = 90 - 75 = 15. really, in my opinion, the most simple way to solve this

Nader Gholikhany

Congratulation kyren to you and your and mine Master barry stark

Libby John

Super movie

Samuel Jackson

I guess if Fischer did Rook A7, then black would win with Queen H4-H2.

Dr. Jordan B Cooper

It's so weird having this video pop up as recommended. I used to talk to Mark on an old Star Wars message board (I followed a lot of Star Wars fan-films, and this was the most ambitious at the time) when he was making Secrets of the Rebellion. I frequently checked updates on the project, and after not hearing anything for quite a while, I looked up the status of the film and subsequently came upon this story. I was horrified. Haven't thought about this guy in years.