Michael Jordan "Work Before Glory" Commercial HD 1080

Magnus has not disappointed as World Champion.Just deleted my prior stupid comment.I think I know what you're making.

You cant make an object in 4d.How can you go from a snowmobile to a snow globe?He was like "Oh man!A shop mad block can allow a quick setup of your honing guide by providing a consistent distance to set the primary bevel with.It doesn't say the precise values of Beta and Gamma?A picture of a giant chessboard with rainbows and unicorns instead ofknights.It actually worked!Chelsea is younger than that house has been vacant.

If you do another how about

If you do another how about

This was hard to look at.It looked like the rooks are the most important piece.Great restoration but I wouldn't trust that vice.Hahaha, clickbait yung video picture.What is the point of the box at 12:56?

I love you king of cat walk.I've slaughtered goats, sheep and lambs for home kill.I use it all the time when using larger bits with no real bottom clearing ability.Thanks great job seor.In 8:19 the boy can take her queen with his pawn!Caruana looks absolutely disgusted with Woody.Omg I need them to teach me plus dont lie I know you skipped to the end.

I'm a n00b, so I'm probably overthinking it,

I'm a n00b, so I'm probably overthinking it,

If he captures your R with P,then he's gone, let me show you how,move your P forward and promote it into a Q.Actually best move after b6 is played Rc3 and instead if Rc3 best move is b7 then if Rc4 then kb3 then RC1,kb2 is winning quren is promoting.I absolutely love both of y’all!Idk which one is cleaner, his leather work or his nails cuticle.Although love it.You should spend 6 hours a day putting together blitz games--at least I didn't say 8 hours!

Robert Ward

They look great! What was the music you used during the filing and sanding at 23:20?


I have a question for this guy How Much Steve jobs paid for his logo

Joe Blow

lets be honest breaking down a 4x8 is sketchy af on a table saw. For the average guy using smaller materials, get a track saw they are easier.

Isac Rancic

Damn u mongowians!!!

Greg Paul

Everyone who got under a hour are just mental


Are we confusing machine learning sand ai with iOt? Cuz they aren’t rue same thing

The Almighty Whitey

Another bomb ass video. Seriously strange and twisted 10s and/or serial killer files should have its own show

supertech 352

Wow.. just great to learntastybongfoods is a fan of chesstalk

Wojtek Zajac

I’m wondering who could give thumbs down, and WHY???



Josefina Diwata

Alam nyoyung asawa ko may kapatid na kagaya rin kay sinon .pero khit hinde ko pa nakikilala sa personal pero ng nakita ko sa vediowala yung panghuhusga at pagtatanong sa asawa ko kung bakit ganon sya.We always respect him.and we lovehim. Tequieremos doy

Zoltn Nagy


Raul Garibay Ccanto


Yash -ClashOfClans

Why would black not take the pawn first.Non sense puzzle.Stop fooling people


I'd like to order an espresso please.Would you like room for WD-40?...Yes please...

Jhonren Merry Go Round

My first chess oponent was my cousin.