Metallica - Fade To Black (HD)

I'm a high end custom cabinet maker.Why didn't fisher take Knight at f 6 early on?Instant advertisement.:-)Still this was fun.So beaultiful job.07:18 Big drop of yolk drips into Eugene's mixZach: "Ya get any in there?

Me gust mucho muchsimas gracias.Can someone explain how he captured at 5:27?39:00 The lack of "cojones" is astounding.WaterWhat,There's a tax for that.LOL, this music is sick.""And look at those RIDICULOUS pieces now on the queen side!He cannot sit still for more than 5 seconds.

I think because it's

I think because it's

Yea all that's fun and cool but if someone can explain how the youtube algorithm works their getting a noble award.Question know one knows the answertoWhy am i lazy?This looks like a an Alpha Zero game.Hi TitanCan you get Mastercam on subscription based software just like fusion 360You can do it.Sicilian defense paulsen please :).Not a machinist but I loved watching your show.The puzzle at 12:30 is quiet stupid - and so is the solution.Only invaded muslim territories.Itong babae na ito parang lalaki ang mukha.Com are on the low side compared to fide ratings.

Glad you liked Aman's commentary!What a treat to be given this degree of explanation.Dyrroth weakness is Harith and Esmeralda cuz.This is how Road Rash was made.Introduction to HTML.I'm a software engineer, and my fellow engineers think I'm crazy.Mark is that dad who prepares all year for this and studies aerodynamics in his free time.This is a chess game, not wrestling crap.The right move is Rb6 because if the pawn captures it, it's a good blunder because our pawn gets place to go ahead and the knight can't do anything by giving check.

Savy with the computer

Savy with the computer

Just mate him in one move, man!A great game with a brilliant mating idea in the end, just awesome how Carlsen defeated the former world champion!These frequent uploads really make my day.I am learning more and more.At 5:39 why doesn’t white play knight to e5?When I saw you cutting down the lid, at first I was like, "Nooooooo.So eine tolle Torte.

Another wooden mallet on YouTube.Hamidamini360edcgmail.I would be interested to know of your experience if you have used pecan wood.RIP Stockfish, you were loved.Your Very Talented!Can anybody tell me if the circle of fifths applies to minor keys as well as major keys?My friends in the library : Surprised Pikachu Meme.Just started playing again after 45 years.

Since you got the extra 0.In Russia this method using since Soviet times and call it "discriminant divide by 4" cuz discriminant D b²-4ac, here it is "u²".My jaw was dropped for almost the entire video.Threw my phone in the trash Bin when you said circool :(.DegreesThe 15th angle 3.4:10The pawns actually do look like gentlemen lols.I am wondering why you appliedShellac before Urethane and didn't just apply the Urethane over the bare wood.He was Tigran L.If I bought one of these, I'd have no money to put in it.


Dragon heartstring core for hermiones wand!

Toro DeFuego

Very clever and useful, too many times do we see BS "tricks", yours are actually easy and practical, well done.

Dick Francis

Absolutely craftsman-like work. But I challenge your four-mid-point epoxy attachment as solving wood movement. Unlike a board with all pieces aligned by grain direction, the end-grain pieces will expand in both directions. With all four sides anchored by your mid-point glue, where's the movement to go?

Proton HAC Jack

That's How We Do It in America go big or go home boy!!!

W Flowers

Like I tell people that are struggling with a project or idea, "You gotta want it!" Obviously you wanted it and have worked hard to get it! Well done my friend!

Suraj Radom

Thank for the idea craftstation Inspired me to make this

STRK strk

What is Tha call of the box?


So nice to see such a nice game.Thank you

Jeremy Mamaril

oh nevermind there's a bishop lol

Brielle Dianzen

What is the diff. Of baking soda and baking powder?Can i use only one of them instead of two?

Kawaii Omena

This is basically time traveling!!


Seems like it ends unexpectedly.


Ok, we are at 1:53 just before white long-castles. Lets try castling short (not taking the pawn). I can see the open g-file but i consider that white attacks faster than black.O-OO-O-O, c4 (thematic advance but also reinforcing the knight through the 3rd line) Rg8 (to avoid h3), Rac1 (pinning pawns) Kb8, Rfd1 ....followed by a d-pawn advance, opening files to attack.I am a CK fan, but i have -almost never- played the Nf6 variation in tournament play.. How do you see this position?MK

Warren Dew

Poor Artemiev has to face Carlsen and Caruana in his last two games.