Messy Marv ft. Rich Rocka - Me and My Patna [BayAreaCompass] @CashLordMess

Damn advetures of rick and Morty.Fantastic video.Doubles as a Molotov Cocktail.

Remember that these were 1

Remember that these were 1

That was an actual word and not something made up for Girl Genius.Moe if you really want to see ghost go to my neice house in Wisconsin.But it took 90 moves.I thought ans is impossible.As with most early games it is a tactics and leadership teaching tool.No, it isnt "very very interesting", its either white paint or plaster.To be honest though, I seldom use the Track-Saw.Funny how terra means earth and stella means star.This cake is amazing!Thumbs are not fingers.

The king could've

The king could've

This should help ditch him.E5and depending on the replies, the plan is to develop Be7 to exchange offhis bad bishop K side, not lock it away.Love yr videos Liv retro audio to.Ek is a ndoda mos!I didn't get it.Lazy people like me don't want to make a hassle out of buying something.

At 8:26 who is he speaking

At 8:26 who is he speaking

Nobody:Fabi at 4:37: "Aight, imma head out".When he owned the f file and then went back to control the c file.I wasn't expecting that at the end, now that i'm intrigued i'll be watching the view, well done Chris, oh and a very nice build as well.I wzi najmniejsz cz tej podzielonej 1.That orange anus is nothing but a damn liar.You shouldn't finish the bore before you rough the OD.Now I understand the concept.

I have really enjoyed watching and learning.Using word like, liability corporation and contacts.Oh boy, here come the recommended squad.Magnus at the end.7-8 but some questions seem to have more than 1 answerA real brain workout.I couldn't pay attention to all the moves.However, would it not also make sense to also elongate the off centre mortises in the end (i.It was my understanding that the Cambridge is highly respected, very solid and very much in the repertoire of the world's top players.Austin, you rule.

Bagay na bagay tlga ang

Bagay na bagay tlga ang

6 hours 52 i made it to then!Pero no explica nada?Hey, I recognized The Lounge Lizards' Voice Of Chunk at the beginning there.6V Sears drills and the newly charged batteries tend to discharge (no matter new or old) within 2 weeks sitting in my basement shop.The soyboys are the back.

Bear Wolf

me ears ta blood clart


The gay panic at the start of this is beyond any malec scene I’ve ever seen


We have the capability to mass produce these now.Let's get it together and resurrect this format PDQ.Cheers!

henry james davis

Love it so cool

Will Crouch3

I need to no what u use to hold the wood on the drill side .I made one but that a the only problem.

Sam Santra

This is how nations and politicians work.


Maleta un Spanish

david h

Great video John, I really enjoyed watching it while playing with my new Norseman! I think one of the most meaningful takeaways I had from watching this video is the difference in culture at least from the United States standpoint. Here a reasonably intelligent young man has a very respectable job operating ultra high-end equipment. I also suspect that he has not looked down on by his peers and family for having a machinists job. I think that is in stark contrast to the US where he would be considered blue-collar in a very pejorative fashion. I’d love to know if he went to a trade school or if you want to university to learn how to do that.

Gabriel Esguerra

I'd just wasted 6 mins of my life your opponent is just dumb and don't know how to use caro kann very well. Your video isn't nice for me.

George Taylor

Splendid thanks !

Lorraine Hutton

I got the MILK. FINGER for direction. MIRROR. FENCE. Yah, I got 4 - lol


France would be proud


how did the pokemon obey you?

The Wheelies

As an analog-head and collector, just wanted to say, fantastic content and well-done. Brilliant channel. :-)


I wonder how long it would take to Machine a Full size V8

Nature King

Since i was a kid this is the work bench i new of and how it's originally done,perfect.

Zyron vloging and gaming tv

this is for a begginer,No one will do the move you do its only for noobs


Armageddon has entered the chat


I have 3/4 old laptops hahahhahahahah

Sharda Pathak

brilliant videos on maths

Joker Laugh

Hi Daniel, The base measurement is 49cm squared and 20cm high :)


Troll away. I support cubans and trumps who can be kids and call shots like a real g

Nero Caesar

O' John you love the sound of your own voice, don't you. lol.

Pedal Man

BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!


can someone link me to the picture with the black outlines for the material?

Devang Kuvadiya

8:08 boy make big mistake He can kill queen after she removing the support of rook


Checkmate is a good move... unless you are playing me XD

sangita jolapara

Which is the chess application you are u using

Itachi Uchiha's Sacrifice

First time, I felt brutality in chess.WowMother Fuckers!!!!!

Lotus Bhattacharjee