Memorizing the Unit Circle Using Left Hand Trick

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Hello thanks for the guide.

Hello thanks for the guide.

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I didn't know

I didn't know

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M Sathish Kumar

What about black playing Rd5 after white played Rc5 ?? Would it have been possible to defend even if white had queened the pawn on the next move?

C9 Sports

I said to myself after watching a few of your videos these must cost an insane amount of money after checking out your website you are so fair and maybe even too fair with your pricing considering your expertise. Good work!


Fantastic game


Now I get what Eric was saying about chess girls

Not Giuseppe

Bach is the cello Paganini, and I don't even think he played cello.

Didier Galindo

Siempre ponen a grabar al ms pendejo

PolvoX craft

amazing work,i like your idea

Dwayne Cain

Fantastic job.

Ashish Mahamuni

Nice game!

Dharmang Gajjar

Do I need to remember all the tricks to play like a GM??!! Btw ur video helps a lot to me :)

Martin Gaparek

Like for clamping job

Danny The Friendly Medic

robin williams is looking down and nodding at what your doing


6:05 is when it starts

The Black Girl Boss TV

This was sooo great!! I will be opening up a cake room soon, so I am so happy to have seen this! Great work!

Cham Fluffy

35:59 if I wouldn't know that this music is from potc I'd think it's from a horror movie and probably wouldn't listen to it xD


all knights has to be the most fun handicap

Jude Almazar

I found all of it does that mean i'm a grandmaster?

skull hinde


Ray Silins

God has five fingers

Arka Dewa Asmara

Catur guru dan murid

Devin The DJ

Everyone saying she needs to work on her delivery. Would that even matter?


0:48Making this my wallpaper, god that is some sexy wood!

Pranav Kamesh

its fun to watch both John's and Jerry's versions of this.John this was an extremely high rated tournament and you proved your class(so close to first).That loss to jerry in the end would have hurt,considering you got him in the first game.


:O Y E S

Samuel Voltz

1 Dimension: okay2 Dimensions: okay3 Dimensions: okay4 Dimensions: whoa5 Dimensions: uh...6 Dimentions: wtf

Daan Beens

Great stuff

Nigella Farage

Pretty cool to see the signed Graham’s Number paper on the back wall :)