Mejor partida de ajedrez, Gibraltar 2020!

The great Carlini and Kurt Hugo Schneider in one Video?Whenever i'm asked to identify the next move, i immediately search for sacrifices lol.I take picture.

Happy New Year Sir continue to wish you all the best.The scene when Hermione had to wipe the memories from her parents was heartbreaking.If black takes the pawn Kc6, White chases down the black pawn.21:09 b5 would've been nastyyyy.Best part is, you make everything easist for learners to learn!I say make a case!

Slasher is like mixing Deathspank with chess,just miss all the humor.He probably has a million waiting.I just want too see them allp.Or in Canada apparently.Mais o Baianinho e os butequero babando na mesa kkkk.I'd rather build $350 PC.Sure, I would make it had I the tools, time and skill!The narrator implies there was one and only one correct solution to the candle problem, yet the readers here have thought of several solutions that are less likely to burnthe house down than the supposed correct one.It’s not a bug, it’s a feature that line was used on the final episode of Silicon Valley, it was perfect.

How wonderful it is to get to

How wonderful it is to get to

His brain is a mistery for mankind.Thanks for the serie.It will be very nice if you showed the computer board too, real board tend to be messy in videos.You have no match for the Indian survival buildersp.So Carlsen and Caruana are equals?The green field is ok but please lose the white line circle and dot.This is immature, disrespectfuland sexist.I mean 11 and 0 in qualifying tournament, and 21 game winning steak at one point.3:I give milk and have a horn but I am not an animal.

At 18:16 why

At 18:16 why

We always keep the offcuts from our projects.I have been watching your videos for some time now and you make a old timer like me at age 60very hopeful for American manufacturing and all the great friends I have made in this trade over the years.I loved it and made a gift for my GF.I believe that's a stale mate there at the end.The Huntsville area in Alabama is rapidly expanding in technology, electronics, and aerospace.And im super stoked i saw that before Magnus did it, and called it out to my cousin's man.Great beauty usually hurts.Absolutely one of the best videos on youtube.All my other poor man's tools are still going strong and I have never felt a need to buy 'real' replacements so I'll definitely be adding one (or three) of these to my tool kit even though I've got one of the Veritas kit versions already.Going to rewatch this video once I downloaded unity and I will follow step by step QwQ.

Hey really awesome ur the best.What in the Molly Whoppery went down here?Trmakasih salam cahaya.Praggu vs mamedyarov.As always, nice video my brother." - GM Simon Williams a.AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE!A better rule would have been "Using simple mathematical operations" and "You cannot explicitly introduce any new digits (for example, log of 6 is not allowed but log is)"That kind of hint doesn't give away the answer, but does set precedent for what is allowed, ie implicit numbers, and what is considered simple in the equation.Also, to trade means reaching endgame faster, and endgames suck.When you forgot your homeworks while you try to sleep00:01.

A plastic clip-on end stand if you want

A plastic clip-on end stand if you want

5)nSet this equal to 0.When I finished with the other ingredients it was a little soft.Repeated more than 30times still I got goosebumps.Please notice me.Allan key would of worked a lot better the other way.There is no way he saw all the possible outcomes.I need a limitless pill just to understand this video!

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Kids these days are getting too advanced


I was taught as an engineer, that a bolt has a shank and a screw is threaded to the head. That said, ask another engineer and he will probably say he was taught something entirely different

Elegance In Crafting

Another great video JD!!! Stay Awesome!!! <3

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No sound?

adam singh

I think it's even stupid to camper bernie with Biden.. Biden isn't even capable of running anything

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BTW who won?

Daniel Skoog

Next Friendsgiving y'all should get an induction forge, make a jumbo coil for it, and stick a big cylinder of steel in the inside of a turkey and cook it by putting the whole thing in the coil!Happy Friendsgiving!

Le Juge du Rap

Carlsen, finish story because Firouzja



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wtf your voice is always calm, i don't get it

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Need help help help at 10 min after black move queen why white does not move his knight on a position so that it will take knight because then he get direct contact d7 from d1 or knight takes queen

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Where are the Crylireza fanboys now?Welcometoelitechess



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