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Why is this on my recommended list?I am still rolling on the floor.He doesn't have shit on the green river killer!

That's look great.

That's look great.

I thought I heard something about this on the radio today but can't find anything on YT about it.Not sure what you mean.A long time ago, I remember playing a few people who would push their pawn chain up in a similar way and I never knew how to break through.These are beautiful, spirited performance by this Lithuanian group and its excellent oboist who makes Bach sounds like bel canto singing.Happy birthday Anand!I have the Original Victrola Stand up.

-112 is hard to swallow.

-112 is hard to swallow.

What kind of a chess software do you use for this videos?Dc may well be better.Ned writing grapes instead of drawing them IS ME." I've seen it done before actually.Whats the size of u chess set?

Does it make sense?

Does it make sense?

He is really good at teaching chess, possibly comparable to how good he is at chess in fact.I'm just started watching chess can anyone explain how Magnus won?Tom looks so skinny here.Like Bob the friend of Bill Heise very profecional in that.Your review, unfortunately, don't tell me if this machine works and just give me more question marks over my head.Explain please, please.What’s with the orange basket?

He walks around like he's the

He walks around like he's the

I hear my shallow breathing.X²-4x60 is easy to factor using intuition and some formulas."I now have a new goal in life.The Magician From RigaThanks Chess GuruMuch Love.I think that kids gonna be world champ some day.I'll remain this way and cancel my fitness goals because Shaun Boyd made this.00:03 00:50 1967889492La Bottega01:1900:3305:08,07:4709:06,10:3311:1514:1417:0720:04 21:06.I consider these 2 the best rival.Scam tweet mobile google chormme zing me VNG.Dyroth is strong in first game.

Is anyone else being confused at 15:42 Thomas is looking at 3 scripts but the page he's referencing with the parallax scripts only has 2 scripts.Kinda neat but that trash is not going in my house lol.ON THE DOOR IS A MAN FACE ALLSO I THINK---- 25.And that screwed my rating to 1771.I watched this over a year ago i was very confusedNow I know python, html, CSS, java script a tiny bit of javaThanks for getting me interested.If you check it out, Nakamura is able to force a draw against modern Chess engines.

Didn't really feel anything but knew it was going to be a trip to the Emergency room.MAY I KNOW HOW MUCH DOES YOUR EQUIPMENTS COST?Seeing this in recommendations and thinking it might help studying.Make a video on data interpretation.I gotta say, I enjoyed the fact you knew how to heat treat carbon steel as a bonus part of this video.Just to let Carlsen know that was not checkmate the white king had one move to avoid checkmate.

Joao Paulo

Algum brasileiro ai?

Bachu Thahi



MVL's manager's negotiating position with the Russians should be a nominee.

Samuel Jank

Where could i play with him?

Jake Swagerson

Your videos have personally lifted me from the 1300s to around the 1787, and now I look and see things that I never knew existed when i first started playing and watching your videos

Ro Vi


Saira Bano

I am tring these with a game but hourse is killing my queen


It appears that black will lose his Queen in 3 moves.

Sumit Bhowmik

probably the best chess teaching video maker on youtube,,,,,will be grateful if u try to make ur videos a bit short and make them confined within 7-8 minutes

Richard Broski

Wow this is just absolute garbage tech in this day and age.

ismile basha

why ur using everything in console.log????????


So dramatic


It could be called the Elephant Trap because the bishop was originally an elephant in chess. It had the same properties as the 'Elephant' in Chinese Chess and possibly other variations of the game before getting the extreme buff.


ok the answer to the 1 a year question is a serious OCD trigger

chinh luan

Style simple