Mathematics Public Lecture Moon Duchin

Astral Throb uv done it again old buddy old pal.I had to stop watching.Only in america.Calm down, brother.Some times i am boringthat times i will see this film.Your lights keep going out.Those big old lathes always taper up close to the chuck.

Bg4 pinning the white knight.Is anybody watching the beginning scared because eugene has reflective glasses and that he is going to show his cards through them?Found a good tutor, not teaching me how to make a good plattformer controller.Ging bn n nghe thch qu !How can you be sure that no knight's tour is magical, if we haven't discovered every knight's tour?Our evidence, evidence is flawless" - Almost thought that cop was Donald ).From a brand new wood turner beginner !

The third position is from Spielman vs.Rubinstein was a chess gangster.1:02:23 Magnus took a loss!And he has the perfect voice for the song.What if revenues are only 50Kyear.I Want SpecdrumsI Need It.Very good job Sir.I love his talent for making such memorable solo's.

Plz add a opposite 3 pawn and same side 3 pawn endgame.Do you ever played chess In any tournament.I couldn't follow the last 20 seconds.Jokes aside, insane level of design and precision."These pawns, is like the worst thing in the world since Britney Spears!

She looks so juicy, my mouth is

She looks so juicy, my mouth is

PLEASE how can i make this game to display next tetris piece before it starts dropping in to the game area (Arena).Really, that king.4:27 please sleep and heal well Jimin, that was so sad.Seems to be the actual shortcut to show the console in Chrome on Windows is Ctrl Shift I, not Ctrl Alt I.Please somebody tell me!

If Black g7xf6,

If Black g7xf6,

Why the D5 square is so important in the 2nd match?15:01 the saddest moment of your life indeed.Those 2 boards used to keep the seat boards aligned should have wax paper in between the seat and alignment boards to prevent them getting glued down to the seat!Taking towards the center on c6 for example means losing another defender for the A-file.Nice videos sir i really enjoy your channel almost all possible moves are well explained 20 year old here.Bill Addison was a real gentleman.Came here just to read the comments!How much time do you get to make it.Everyone who got under a hour are just mental.It just shows how being greedy will get you no where.

Will we get peaks at irrational

Will we get peaks at irrational

Fondly, enjoyed your channel.I’d still stick with the original one mate!This checkbox is probably a new feature and is "on" by default.If not show how to punish it.Im not trying to spread any sort of vegan propaganda, but things like this really make you consider the mental and moral repercussions of slaughtering hundreds of animals a week.When you're curious about two things.His mallet would revolutionize and one day save America.Really cool video!

Impressive, very impressive.

Impressive, very impressive.

Even if the quality can’t be kept.I’m going to sue the world.Mine would look like an explosion!I don’t comment much on here, but this deserves recognition.That said - I’d still use a rounds bout.I thank the complexity and beauty of Fischer's game, as well as the depth and clarity of your game commentary.Looks awesome but I don't know what it does can anyone explain that to me.Have enough ads?Looks like your kids loved it as well!Just to paraphrase you a little in this situation you wouldn't want it to go BOOM !

Ronald Ainaire

I agree with Stephen. Great video and music! Wish I could give you more than one thumbs up.

Jacob Jordan

I want to curse you out right now tell the people you have a different size different size different size 3 by 4 by 5 and if different Etc

Bryan Yarrington

How much was that titanium stock?

Patrick Joloy

1:00:21 "Top 10 most intense anime fights"

Rishabh singh

Wow, what a masterpiece and result of dedication patience


So was little miss muffet just eating a bowl of old milk?

Chintan Shaparia

black could easily defend the checkmate threat by playing g6 or h6, trying to escape the king , in the last example


Rekt again at 37:00 by Stone-Catle

Geeta Dabra

fanof u vidit

P McLeod

Well done, informative video.Thanks for omitting the unnecessary details

Renegade Hitman

"I guess I should check a couple of times because I'm a professional player, and that's the right thing to do" 27:17

West Pro Gamer

I'm sure his loss wasn't in vain.

Douglas White

Great video, great instruction!

Cristian lvarez

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Dexter Haven

Only 83 years left to top this game in the century!

Michael romp

I'm making a all Walnut board how do I figure out material of four quarters stock for a 12" W x 22" Lx 2 3/4 T,Please help, my brain is about to explode trying to figure this out

Sviatoslav Andrushko

My favourite player is Variation, raaaaawwrr!



Diego Santin

you missed so many mates but its just gold

fran ke

Die Musik ist extrem nervig


You Did Good In Auto Club!Hope You Get That Win Next Week At Phoenix!Chasing8OneFinalTime

Userx bw

why are you contradicting yourself .. it is not impossible just very difficult. stop lying to yourself and others

Robert Cuadro

The computer is up to $299 now


Love it, excellent craft skills

Cesar Basilan

Galing Godbless hanna ang bait mupo

14 ))