This is a weakpawn.Thanks again Titan!One more reason to despise and hate lawyers!12:03 sabi pahh pahh si mama.Now the world will never be complete.

If I ever get that corner office then this is most definitely going on that desk.Did I just see spray glue.Why are we shutting down industry for something that kills far less than the flu?Cno yung batang June.Brilliant game featured Caro-Kann defence.Step 3 : To fill the screen with your scene scan your 3D sprites made up of small x,y,z, coordinate boxes with bits of the sprites in them (made up of pixels), drawing what you hit from the front in the viewpoint and don’t draw what is behind what you have drawn.Brass gives class.Veryfast last secends.

Embarrassing out of 6!It's like asking Mozart - do you know the major scale in all 12 keys haha.But my trypophobia kills me.Your girlfriend did a great job as a first timer."  Really, hmmmmm, let me think.Kak orang mana ajarin aku dong.

Oh wait, I don't know that feeling.Rg1 black can just play f6 or g6 and be a whole lot more annoying still.It always seems like its just flat out better, but I don't have the time to test enough to switch.When i was playing against someone named Aaron he played the same thing with the white pieces.Thought it was funny, not disrespectful.Just 1 question, i want to try your way of making these box joints but am a bit puzzled.18:41 sao vua en ko n m vy anh.I always have to sing the Native American chanting from Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha over this.

Mass Media: "What the fck is this insanity?Mam can u please tell me the quantity of butter milk ?And the future guy needs to beat the guy in the past to go back to his own time.Thank you very much for this video!Beautiful job sir.Danny, in the future could you completely cut out the innuendo and dirty humor?

I wonder if Carlsen watches

I wonder if Carlsen watches

She has a really nice voice.Hey there it's a great song!Take away two sticks, hey, three squares.Brass alloys often contain lead to increase machinability.One might even claim that an hour has 22 minutes.

The (S)crooge constant.Minh duoc thi tp.Congrats for having twins AgadLove from Nepal.Still had to make it about Trump.Get 4 queens, then force the black king to capture one every 49 moves, resetting the 50 move rule?" What's wrong with silence?Please i know is more easy stidiyng the opening on books or something but could you please make some video explaining the opening fase cause i really enjoy your videos and i'm trying to learn but i haven't time to study books.

This is awesome!

This is awesome!

Fantastic video!Tommy Robinson's going to prison because his daughter was sexually assaulted by 'asian group UK police let go without question without checking evidence' Luton Magistrates 2nd April 2020.It depends, you have to ask yourself.Amazing video bro.  I wonder how much the cost ?


A finger and wrist guard for a $15 bow that pulls 50? Ok.


Morphy fought to the bitter end. Brilliant.

Richard Tsutsa

12:39 that's a nice tactic

Terrence Smalley

Where can i see this gameplay on minute 6:07 ... with the turtle it's a shame that you cant split screen most games nowdaysThis Guy is Faster Than Eminem


Dovetail joint on the bottom for real!!

jack mcQuack

All I want now, to make this dream a real triumph is a demonstration on the launching abilities at different elevations. With both sets of panels of course.

Randy Minnick

Itook down a new hard drive by yanking the power cord from the back of the power supply (while trying to diagnose a software issue). It didn't have an on/off switch and I was in a hurry. Not a great idea to jerk the cord without the usual shut down protocol.


.. everybody


What am I going to do in life when he gets this done and goes on tour?This is my favorite thing every week!

Alternate brain wave thinking


Furry Exe

I um... why Astro Throb? Sounds like your referring to gods erection

Jaskooner Singh

why are you using Swing?

Muruga n

Hi bro nice explain good But Now website not registerMes: ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key Ethu mathiri Varuthu bro


15:04 why not capture Rogue with Queen?