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Just watch a gold fish.Instead of pawn from f7 to e6, g4 to f3 is played for black to take white’s king knight, white then has a choice to take the f7 pawn or the d7 knight both of which sacrifices the pawn due to the force from check, so assuming that white then takes the d7 knight bishop or queen can step up into an open diagonal (c8-h3), then, either f1 moves to f3 or e2 moves to f3 to take out the rank 1 black pawn.So a strange move boom!"Going to Vegas saps the fun out of it".It erupted last Jan.Jan 22, 2020:Hallelujah!Always suren is the best to show more exciting games.Very bore movie.

You should show the finished product at the beginning.This riddle assumes that man 2 believes he is in a binary sequence but if he happens to be the first of a series of white hats, he would not know.), Bronstein,  Shirov, Morozevich and so on.Omg the cameraman is a fucking moron.Lol stop the hate.

Wouldn't the glue have given up the ghost by now?Goes to make homemade pizza!You didnt fold the metal 1.My son loves to go into my shop.Very cool project!Thank you so much!Keren banget brooo video tutorial catur nya.The Windows Phone of videotapes.Do I need to activate the paper modem thing cause when I go to export I get shown a bunch of different files.Is the dreadfull whispers going to be free?

Come follow me on twitter for instagram for

Come follow me on twitter for instagram for

Escapes custody numerous times.I never remember the quadratic formula but by completing the square you're doing the same thing and avoiding any extra steps that can be avoided.Why not d6 at 2:35.You will probably have an easier time playing if you arrange the chess boards on a 2d plane.NOW SAY WIKE AON ZAY.Proposing each other!Amazing explanation and your choice is great.White Exchange Pawn h4 to g53.Absolute classic.

Mc. Tendies

please stop repeating the same storys you told on the last episode this is like the tenth time this has happend!!


I absolutely love watching top players playing over the board blitz.  This was truly a treat. THANKS

Gurjotsingh samra

Wow this was so good I'm Indian so tell me what is price of this chess board please don't ignore so tell me

Zoraida Gutierrez

So beautiful Is amazing cake

Louis Le Grange

Wowwww, stunning work. If I may make one recommendation. I have used flush trim bits for about 20 years now and recently switched to this one, and it is an absolute revelation. It cuts sooooo smooth and it is sooooo quiet and according to me definitely worth its expensive price.

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rrain clouds

keith,ned,zach: hi james!eugene: gay panic


why in the last example instead of capturing the knight with the queen and then exchanging queens why didn't bishop just capture the queen???!!!


which site is this


Now that’s what I call flame maple

Max Jacobi

I'm surprised, they put so much effort in design and screw it up anyway.


11:32 Wouldn’t rook to B3 be the best move here, forking the king and queen?


We have a guy who comes to service our machinery every month. For the most part he just changes out the lubricating oil (it's damn expensive and tricky). Nice enough chap, the lads call him "The Oiler". The guy's contact number has been listed by me in our telephone system under the name "e". As of yet, no one has figured out why. I've been asked several times why it's under "e" and I just laugh.

Winning Technique

This is why I stopped playing the French years ago. Painfully hard to generate winning chances black gets virtually nothing from the opening, white has an easy game from the start.

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d u c c i

Robin Lofton

A family that slays together stays together

Akshay Achuzz