Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Romeo And Juliet (Real Live Roadrunning | Official Live Video)

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The attacker who

The attacker who

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The goat picture was more interesting than

The goat picture was more interesting than

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That is so awesome!

That is so awesome!

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No One

Teach Me Senpai

Tinh Dinh Thien

More than 2 but less than 4 :)))))

jax olson

Is it just me or does that look kinda like a najdorf gone wrong

Vasu Junior

I couldn't follow the last 20 seconds. Seriously........

Christopher Claudio Skierka

Hi There I did like your video look forward to watching more :), can I ask you a question please? If you were to buy screws (I presume course types) to be used with 3/4 inch birch plywood which would be countersunk which screw would you use/recommend? many thanks, Chris


Just finished all the vids in the series and this one was definitely my favorite. Thank you for contributing your knowledge. Requesting more like this one!