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It would be possible to create a tutorial on game point and click?There is a chance to win."Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand.I thought Magnus lost from the title :O.15:50 why not Bxh5?I don't think any phyc Doc will ever truly understand.Good design and proportion are first, and are basic.Wheres the rest of the video?4:43 what if blacks play bishop to e3?Gorgeous handmade tool.

Por eso es indeterminado.I really only like composing now.That's a compliment.I have a wonderful solution to the problem but the timeframe was too small to contain it.Who the fuck is the guy shouting out?I'd I also thought my opponent had drawn, if not for his blunder which allowed me to get the bishop via fork.You will lose beacouse nugget is below spaghetti.

Wish I could play like champ.I've seen a girl standing behind them 3 times now.Can someone help ?The language of the title must be the same as the language in the video.This guy doesn't know how they put ships and things in bottles.Awesome how such an ancient game's rules can contain so many awesome mathematical properties to study.

Tom is playing against fucking Dumbledore I don't think he can win.We want more about the Keplar planets.Also could have moved Queen to G1.Danny: "I dont need those queenside pawns.Your wife needs her apron back!Djy wietie wie wie issie!Incredible work, and stunning forms!"Adobe XD" sounds totally made up.Oh that brings out the natural beauty that would perfectly I love it!

He was just being funny because he

He was just being funny because he

The people at Guinness would have a very hard time.It's so creepy all around it.Also the music is very funny and cool.It would be a great gift if u send it to me.You are our lord an we praise none other than you.

The kid playing with his

The kid playing with his

The base turned out really well with the two different woods.Seriously with the people in the crowd?It was also possible for the last 2 moves to start with castling, and then the rook mates.The bullschitz is thick in this one.Thanks for the vid.If any of u dont know how to do this.I barely play chess too!If bishop takes back on E4 rook takes on E4 if queen E4 queen E2 king F1, queen F2 checkmate?And they didn't do anything like him.


wow that's a lot of washers 3072

Mircea B.

This is soooooo wrong, because randomly if you fail at 4 of them, the next ones are automatically charged, so you need at Max 5 attempts to light up.... But the optimal solution is 4 , because randomly if you chose the 1st then the 3rd and the 7th, the chances that you will miss on the 4th atempt are very slim

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I love your work, you should make a destructive paper shredder :3

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Jb Abrasado

Mahina judges

jaytheboi famlit


Jacinta Julal


Abdallah Daqqouri

I wish I was this smart and creative.

Sitruuna06 BSP

We had two of rom cards, but theyre broken now. Im glad, i didn't know they were illegal. We bought it from thailand and didn't know it was illegal. I was like 6 at the time

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Not a criticism, just a pointer.Dufresne is pronounced du-FRAIN.Just FYI.The real beauty of this game is that Dufresne had a mate-in-one hanging over Anderssen's head like the Sword of Damocles, yet was never able to complete it.Anderssen's only option was to continually put Dufresne in check.Anderssen saw that many moves out and had his pieces perfectly placed to deliver all those checks right up to that creative checkmate with the Bishops.Beautifully done!

Master Robert

not sure if its broken but my system is calling 3... exd the solid one out of the four choices given. I happen to agree with it. You may be right in calling black's position "passive" but definitely a tough nut to crack...

Julie Matulin

What is the difference between this video and the full course?