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So it is everything the is was or ever will be.Who needs school when you have Zvezdelina Stankova?Nice game, but the weak opponent didn't hurt.Still can’t believe dudes thought Geechi was going to lose smh.11:06 another way is Friday this week is before Thursday next week.

11:02 Madhiya vankkam, Amigo.Do you have a github with your code on?" arrogant smug face2019 nCoV:"I see.Also do you still do paid, commissioned work for people and if so do you usually use those for content?

This cost more than $70 to make.

This cost more than $70 to make.

The information is far less than the actual number.Checkmate with a knight and a bishop?Also, is you planer helical cutter head, because I think straight knives would tear up your end grain badly?Anyone else slightly annoyed that he switched from metric (cm) to imperial (miles) halfway through?And his emotions, too.

Tom has him and Bert doing commercials in the middle of a podcast.Thanks for the seizure.THANK YOU for this video!Did you forget about junie?Bruhh some one time stamp wen anwar starts talkin and when anwar stops talkin.I love this video.

Could have skipped tat.Mike, can you do a case for Caylee Anthony?When the screen says ace of hearts the whole time and when the table shows on screen its ace of diamonds lmao someone deserves to be fired that changes everything in hand no longer a flush draw 18:58.Keep it up mate.More content like this!

As a kid, I did.

As a kid, I did.

If there is such a thing as chess swagger.I have been watching you since 20144, your vedios have really helped me get better at chess.The Western ppl started to drink daily then they made their own countries great while ppl from Middle East losing the real secret of scientific renaissance and progress.Check out the "magic wand bracelets" on Amazon UK.If I mention the inflection you put on every last word of a sentence you say, that's all people will hear from now on.I was very happy when Jumabayev bravely refused the draw and immediately made very sad by what came shortly after.""No, you can't, there must be another way!I recently studied GM Boris Alterman's video course "Power Pawns" which is full of sacrifices to get two connected passed pawns to the sixth and seventh ranks where they can't be stopped.

2:00 Why he can't finish this

2:00 Why he can't finish this

Huntington Beach Ca.Moe satin is an indonesia ojenof the most popular gosth how i know cuz im from indonesia.Just watched it all over the past few week.Aaaand I'm home again.We can make 8886 by that way if we take cube root of (8,8,8) and plus them We have 2226.

Bravura Lee Vim

"We are Americans!"I thought this was about South Africa???

Scott Parker

Warning!Shit Music cranked REALLY loud at a surprise point in the video AFTER really quiet talking to make you turn your headphones up4Fuck this shithead and goodbye!

pink potato

In one of the schools i was before they had battles with chest

Antarctic Imperialist

Presh Talllocker

Mustafa Ozery

Do u memorize the games u explain

se7sawy ahlawy

good job brothis Elhussein from egypt

Compassionate Warrior

Interesting pawn structure for Carlsen to play with. Intuitively or at the first sight of the position it seems like one would want to play with the white structure which looks more, how to say... stable, solid, organized? Any thoughts on this?

That's how I used to travel my mom's body


Lol I forgot sawhorses exist. I’ve been using a vise and cutting vertically! Time to make these rather than spend $40 on Amazon

Mickey Cruise

The best chess commentary team out there. Why? Because Danny's a nut case and Robert plays well with said nut case while delivering first rate analysis. All well supported by Danny's own analysis, of course. Love it.

Joshua Ramirez

thank you very much. you do your country a great service.

Ibrahim Bah

"a yacht is for ever owner a weapon of show off"..............100% agreed

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Lulz ... Who played as Granger at last. !?Dude its Awesome


We probably had too much fun playing with these toys before we filmed the video....See other satisfying things here!

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The super illusions putty sometime leaves a residue of your hands

Daniel Attencio

Patiences Grasshopper, the hurrier you go, the behinder you get. Danny P.S. Nice work.

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6:11/ 8:55 I see a figure walking down the road 13:16 red eyes behind omar

Didn't expect to hear a Chinese song here

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Thanks for the new sharpening video. Didn’t want to commit to Waterstones. Just ordered this set up.

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Q 14 solution is wrong as he only take into account of 1 yellow chair what about other two possibilities of 2 yellow chair or all the 3 chairs being yellow i.e 3 yellow chairs

Lenzel Gates

We need a Hitman vs JJDD rematch they both done improved fr


30.000 :-D


9:07 Song?


this is beautiful

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I’ve read that it’s not that it’s a lot of maintenance it’s just if you don’t use it the ink dries up and you’ll have to buy new ink every time.