Mancala (Kalah) 39-to-9 Win | Example of "First Person to Play" Advantage

My question is after d3 what is the best response if the written comes to a5 for a quick annoying check?How much was that set?What wood was used in this may i ask?Nice of you to put the clip upgood one.Hair transplant gang.

Lol i remember this game in lichess in puzzle.I think putting the ratings in isn't that informative and more of a distraction.Everyone is praising u i dont why?Your patient and steady progress gives me hope, for making the leap.Helal olsun ocua yav.The guy made a mistake.

I think what's more amazing than 2.Thanks for the insight.Or play Ng5 anyway to continue the attack?Apple: hello today we are going to sell the apple earser people: how nuch is it apple: 500$.Just some of my thoughts on this video.And damn, I am doubly impressed.Yo tengo la mkina.Why does music work?Long man sees everyone he starts saying everyones cap color.Actually, I have already faced this problem when I was 12.

It's a bad idea to plunge straight into metals anyway, try feeding in in a slope, works much better and you don't need to predrill.Very cool, love to watch!Are they twins ?Can anyone explain.That's gonna be a killer shop, man!Did this guy go to the Billy Mitchell school of competitive gaming?Puzzle me Buzzle:).I am watching this, halfway through it and wondering as I always do.

The thing all the negative comments overlook is

The thing all the negative comments overlook is

If your opponent didn't have a brain then yes.The best comment of the whole thing.Wait the z axis is up and down?That is, are there small imperfections on each piece?Paul Morphy is a real Monster of the chess.What happened to Steve?You deservean Oscar.I want to play this right now.Does the knight eventually get into the game?

Heidenhain interface same as on CNC made in

Heidenhain interface same as on CNC made in

Can you please show me giuoco piano.This comment section is what happens when chess nerds finally see a girl.Especially the fruit guys haha.Guess we all just accept the toxic foot print this idiot makes in producing a solo kayak is the price Mother Nature needs to pay for his dalliance.Leason i learned from watching stonecoatcountertops.When repition allowed.Thank you for withme,really!

However, I never watch any YouTube’s about

However, I never watch any YouTube’s about

OoooOOOOooooo BABY!K lg es ese telefono.So thank you for your great work!I'm parotting the analysis of people smarter than me, but i think g5 looks ok for black.Magnus was destrot at the end haha.Imagine this was just factory's fault they missed 1 ball.Can't wait to have your album in my hands, I recently order it online, you have all my support, keep doing incredible music 333.So, there are trust issues.How can people hear this man speak and not immediately say "I'm voting for him" like even you dont agree with him he is the only one on that stage with a plan and a vision he has also been consistent his entire career like how is that not presidential to some people?Queen sacrifice?

Emilio Rivera

I did it with a markov technique and i got 4 days. if its says expected days is logic to think that the numbers of days are whole integers. Like 1, 2, 3.. not 4,03..

jai verma

Lot of fools say chess is boring, I tell them watch some of Tals games.

Caroline Spivack

no onenot one single soul polygraph guy: LIARS GO TO HELL


i dont know a queen and bishop for 2 rooks is still salvageable

Lindsey Griffith

the rook can’t even move that way?

Vadim G

Yes! We found one NORMAL guy that keeps 90 degrees FOV in 3D-engine! Fck those designers who making bound 75 degrees FOV in games and we must look at the game world through binocular! Your explanations are awesome but really doesn't matter what you gonna say, just huge LIKE after 90 degree FOV of normal healthy man!


Charming speaker, disappointing content (in relation to the title) if the first 11 minutes are any indication.

Margaret Nicol

WARNING:Bernie could lose up to 533 000 votes tomorrow in California esp. among students and Latino voters because of their NPP (No Party Preference) affiliation. Even if you are NPP and want to vote Democrat, when you show up to vote you need to tell the polling station that you want a CROSSOVER BALLOT or else you can't vote. You MUST use that exact word or else officials won't give you the ballot automatically. (Guess who made this rule up - a Biden backer!!!)

mohana sundharam

i love it so much bro keep it up bro

Alexander Kelley

I didn't catch what the pieces are made of?

john emmanuel MOVIE

naiyak ako

Anouar Ben

Why Anatoly doesn't get the credit he deserves?? is it because of his style of play ?!!

Hamayoon Shah

Huge love from Pakistan our talented Indians

Ewan Ch

I have played this game many times and king has a distinctive advantage as ge cannot be easily captured as all four sides need to be covered and if you can get the king out early to a corner you can go three ways and fake going one way makig him exert his troops and then go a completely different way giving him not enough time to react and the attacker needs a few moves to get a good formation.

Roland Kuhn

Your technical skills are matched with your creative visions. I have watched several of your videos and admire your talents. Well done sir.

Danny Helser

i understood approximately zero is this video 11:47 "I am not fit at all" thug life

The lone one

i wish i have tools like you

123 567

Would love this guy to be my teacher