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After that it turns out that the black queen to e7 is a great move.3:20 black could’ve taken pawn at d4 without worrying about rook c8 because the knight is guarding it.He began to study chess at the age of six and became a voracious student of the game.Best wood working vids on YouTube!I was wondering if you could please kindly show us how to achieve the same effect using the same plugin you've used but with AJAX data loading please.Similar to the last time Twork burnt y'all in Vegas when he came to the battle with zero prep?

What took you so long to post it.My favorite game is chess my sister she lost on the chess i checkmate him.Once again why is this in my recommended.Good design is functional and aesthetic.1:50 that's what I've been doing all along.At 8:50 doesn't.

If stockfish had pressured the h5 pawn with Qf7, and then alpha plays Bd6, couldn't stockfish just block with Ne7?Think I fell in love.Then the Used computer and laptop market is going to take off.I wonder as the marble machine X goes on world tour, how much does humidity effect the timing as wood swell and shrink.Great game from Kasparov!How come nobody made a joke in this formatPaulsen:Morphy: I am your DADDY.I have a feeling vat19 is going to make a huge piece of gum using this.You did a beautiful job!Two additions that I can suggest: 1.Casually gets hacked mid live stream.

This leaves me with 1 more question.This thing is badass.Sir plz bord ko thora bara kijia mobile me bord bohot sota dikh ta he.India on the Medals Podium at the Chess Olympiad ?The light comedy you employ keeps everything engaging, and you keep it up even in a slow crowd, really good stuff!Bernie is not in it for the fame and does not play childish games.I didnt even know that the game had been released ty shin.I'm sure things like ambient temperature and how the end is handled play a decent part in how well the filament maintains its shape.Now you have a very simple mallet.


James, you are a sweet heart talk too much and breath to loud also you can do without the background music.How the heck are we suppose to hear anything.I know you stop it sometimes but that doesn't always help.


13:07-13:36 is best part !, Loved it, thanks for the education!!

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What sign should we put when the opponent made a checkPlease help


Khet/Laser Chess: Lonely fuck edition.

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this !!!!!!


Is that a government issue alzheimer’s machine? Aluminium coffee cooker might make you forget you made coffee! Ha! Beautiful simple looking design! Found your channel yesterday and havn’t laughed this hard in months! Keep it up


Magnus steals a Bishop in broad daylight. Game over :)


Sana all ganyan ang ama