Making a traditional framed ledge and brace door in Oak

Black Knight cant be taken bcuz queen is loose.Rock ang ginalaw nya.This video is inspiring, informing, and just entertaining to watch.

Very entertaining!

Very entertaining!

I can't wait to see the reassembly.Yay I like online chess lives.You never know which lines leads to CHECKMATE !I don't understand why you didn't use simple copper plate instead of the pipes!That looks amazing.A young Jon Cryer?Good nice teaching.

Could barely understand what was going on but

Could barely understand what was going on but

Ralat minYg terakhir itu mnterister itu bisa skak dan bs makan pionAlhasil putih unggul 2 pion dan kalah 1 perwira.I don’t agree with everything you support, but the bulk of it has genuinely good intent, and that, among other reasons, is more than enough to say I admire all of you in your own incredible way.Good job string dogg loving this vids.Master P Romeo keepin it 100 hundre.French peasants: existsTax collectors: Stonks.Simply brilliant!OK I WILL NOT TELL.Kleopl: Holy shit!I'm writing that down.

Besides I like all your toys and you use them so well!Don't send the output directly into the printer?Even me with ELO score 800 wouldn't made that mistake that Rannajarvi did at the end with bishop.Ok, I wanted to win but ok I miss some chances but Grischuk is the world blitz champion and ok in the end I was in time pressure and couldn't calculate all variations.You're looked like a Mr Bean.Sees them sitting downflashbacks to the class being yelled at for not standing at the easelsReally though figure drawing was my favorite class.A master Craftsman.And finished with chip fat oil !Thanks a ton sir.Maybe you better use a tripod for your camera?

Sir please make a vdo on biography of Mikhail tal.Im interested in making one,.2:20 bh2 if his bishop took it then queen takes and checkmate.She's ok but she chokes too much.''ah it doesnt matter.Now, one of the 12's splits into 2 quarters."chess isn't 99% tactics it is 99% structure" - hikaru.Oh my god, how instructive was that?As for Ms Fonda herself, manyBoomers gave her a pass on her radical antiwar activism in the Sixties and Seventies because her videos were so good.Ivh watched it twice already.

That kid knows all your jokes.

That kid knows all your jokes.

Merry Christmas, Agadmator!I am planning same type of project with Mesquite wood from my tree.We live in time that people take everything for granted.Why have fake snowballs when your Canadian.Steinitz and morphy shared anderson as oponent im pretty sure.Great game, and possibly the best chess video I've seen on YouTube!I don't know if you can answer this or not but I was also wondering with your time and materials into a project like this.


12:38 After suscribing to this channel this is how I find myself talking to the chess board every time I play!!

Saahib Vlog

More confusing than playing it.

AuroraRai Stclaire

this document is a joke no effort at allim surprised it was even producedi had to turn it OFF stupidness



Vinod Kumar

Story of my life. And this is the best Ted talk I've ever heard. Thanks to my instant gratification monkey.

Peregrinus Solutions LLC

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with this informative video! Also, GOOD Lord! That thing is a unit!!! :-D

Muhammed Sabith

Fuck you

Young Einstein

First few seconds Carlsen looks like an alcoholic in depression


I'm not a woodworker. I can barely nail two boards together. But now I find myself wanting a mallet.

andreas julianto

So who win???

Muzan Jackson

I remember Magnus playing chess24 , when he looks at his time (it was like 9 seconds) and then he said I have a lot of time

check mate

I am playing chess now since 12 years every Monday and Friday (sometimes Wednesday too) 8 hours and can say both of them are horrible

Brent M

When he looks at the camera at 23:00 I lost it


Talk About White Privilege (Smh)

Ricardo Veiga

That chainsaw... the blade says "Echo". I think this is wrong. It should say "Diresta".

Vitor Madeira

Excellent video. DISGUSTING MUSIC!Please, use some great music with such great videos.(this kind of music disturbs way too much the pleasure when one is trying to check the details and the greatness of your ideas.)(Don't be afraid, I left a thumbs up!)

Sexy Guy

Yo she forgot you may use the queen and kill king I challenge you!

AtomicGamer 2.O

4:43Me- Let's see about that

Vicente Rosa


Jahnavi Jaldu

Hi...Had a small doubt... if we are using sweetened condensed milk like "Milkmaid" can we skip sugar ?? If so, how much of milkmaid to be considered??

Tom Marnotratn

The idea is good, but with such poorly done work, I would not boast at home, let alone on the Internet ... Sry :(

God-like Humans

Thumbnail gives too much away!

Very impressive action by Tal.. Enjoyed this game too much.. thanks.. I like your commentary because it is straight to the point without much non useful talkative commentary like other chess coaches

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

I had a friend who was murdered by a bottle of mascara. Its very dangerous if it's not locked up

Sophie Grey

I only got two questions right. I'm definitely not ever going to be good at chess. That's okay. I don't want to be good at chess.


carl: imma beat this anti softlockalso carl: (dies)me: so you didnt actually beat it lolby the way im not stupid, i know the idea of an anti softlock is to die. its a joke

Markel Boomin