Making a "Quebec flag" end grain cutting board

Thinkin out of the box dude!Any time one rook leaves the 7th rank the knight on f6 is hanging.Of course you gonna have the links below!11:49, didn't magnus have Bc5, winning the queen?Fantastic video !I wonder if Mugsy knows about this.

Which Beethoven piece is this?If you have lots of hairs on your face and head, you must be smart.Naka was up a piece too and he didnt convert.Remember the numbers mason.Although to be fair, the queen being moved that early in the game was also a bad move.Of course as a man I am immediately interested in a woman.The 9 dot problem is where the phrase thinking outside the box comes from.There are many Deaf and hard of hearing people that can’t access to your video.

Keep it up homie.

Keep it up homie.

Hahaha Merry Christmas Santa turning thats a first for me.Table looks great.Couldn't find the plans for the Rigid Tool table saw cartstandBob S.Here is mt theory and until proven differently I am sticking to it based on teaching my baby sister when she was a toddler math.Black king tells his pawn : it’s going to be me and you at the end, OK?The crushing inevitably of Alpha slowly constricting poor Stockfish and Stockfish trying in vain to escape is depressing.We cant see like this well.I will let him to die siraulong asawa at ama.

Queen takes bishop and

Queen takes bishop and

Greetings from me!" vital signs go whuuuuuu.(Yes, I'm thinking of specific GMs from other chess channels.I think in this situation White has to win before the pawn reaches the third rank.Zion don't be foolish and isolate yourself from great advice and guidance from a legend.

18:08Insane work.

18:08Insane work.

One thing I am very very slowly learning from these videos as a relative beginner is when not to capture.How about a mix between flat and Philip's, do a "plus" style ().Divide batteries into 2 groups of 4 each.I am learning now your date, cal command.I want to be a programmer, when i first saw this i said omg this man is so cool!Thanks from an upper school maths teacher!Also I’m confused why the probability of hitting somewhere on the square is uniform, surely if you aim for the centre then you’d expect some kind of normal or triangular distribution such that the meanmedianmode is (0,0)?The dreaded Kb1.How do I donate?But, being, as my oldest grand daughter says, a bit of a goofball, I bought a small welder recently, and have fixed a handrail with it so far, and that's about it.

You can see

You can see

Thank you for these interesting videos.We need more Steven.It seem there will be no lazy kupa when you use ulti.The timer omg i cant understand.Cool thank you :3.

The wood and blue resin piece could probably sell for 50.Kamsky playing C6 makes a LOT of sense!Nice bowling ball.Funny chess moving and killing.Scary locationman go thereiiiiiii.He is suspected of murders in Queensland and New Zealand.12 0 011 111 which is 12.One of the finest games ever played by white.Bidoof carried so hard lol.

Osvaldo Jimenez Cisneros

Juega chido mister been

Pavel Del

3:42 middle finger

Deni Gustiawan

Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Thurston

The Winning Chess books were great, I think it would be cool to have an online version to click through the moves instead of having to play them out on a board...

Corey Dallmeyer

The only move he has is to play F6. But due to my rule never play F6, black resigned


First time watching your channel. Nice work!Could you add timestamps to the video description for the tools you make?That'd make it easier to reference this video back for making some stuff based on your work.PS: The intro made me think of Salad Fingers :P

David Smith

Don't use the hand as a hammer.


Modustrial makerif you ever would read this can you make a table with autumn oak leaves of different colours embedded in epoxy, I assume it would be difficult but it should look really good

Jeffrey Claros

So it means chess is just a fixed gameand you have to memorize it

Mesie Lepush

And the rematch?!!!!! its been a yer now.More Ben, go Ben.

Archaic Artisan

Absolutely beautiful. Very time consuming but... Absolutely worth it. Brilliant work.

mattster h

Summerians really played ancient sorry for booze and booty

Topps Card Collector 101

suggestion Wang, Hao (2718) vs. Bogdanovich, Stanislav (2536)9th HDBank Masters Round 8.1 12 Mar 2019 ECO: C65 1-01. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6Pretty common to play the Berlin if you're okay with a draw. 4. d3The Anti-Berlin by Wang Hao! 4... d6 5. O-O Be7 6. c3 O-O 7. Re1 Bd7 8. a4 Re8 9. Nbd2 Bf8 10. Nf1 h6 11. Ng3 Ne7 12. d4 Ng6 13. h3!? N(13. dxe5 dxe5 14. Nh5 c6 15. Nxf6 gxf6 16. Bc4 Be6 17. Bxe6 fxe6and the players agreed to a quick draw in Grigoriants,S (2570)-Kobalia,M (2673) Moscow 2012)13... c6 14. Bd3 Qc7 15. Be3 a5 16. Qc2 Be6 17. Nd2White is slowly trying to maneuver around and pose problems for Black. 17... Nd7?(17... Rad8)18. Rad1! Rad8 19. Nh5 f6?(19... d5!striking in the centre was imperative.)20. Bc4White is much better now. 20... Bxc4 21. Nxc4 Kh8 22. Ng3 exd4 23. cxd4 b5 24. Nd2 bxa4 25. Qxa4?An Inaccuracy.(25. Nh5with the threat of e5 was very strong.)25... d5 26. exd5?This throws away White's slowly built advantage.(26. Rc1is the engine's suggestion.)26... cxd5 27. Rc1 Qb7(27... Qb6Black is very much in the game and the engine says Black has equalized.)28. Qc2(28. Qxa5!White could have captured the pawn as 28... Bb4 29. Qc7)28... Ne7 29. Nf5 Nxf5 30. Qxf5 Bb4 31. Bf4 Rxe1 32. Rxe1 Nf8 33. Rc1 Qd7 34. Qc2 Ne6 35. Be3 Ng5 36. Bxg5 hxg5 37. Nf1 Bd6 38. Ra1 Qb5 39. g3 Rb8?!(39... Qb6was important threatening d4 and stopping Ne3)40. Ne3 Qxb2 41. Qxb2 Rxb2 42. Rxa5Wang Hao now has a position in which he can press and play on for two results while Black has the annoying task of defending a slightly minus position with time and tournament pressure. 42... Bb4 43. Rxd5White has now finally won a pawn and the pressure is mounting on Black. 43... Be1 44. Ng4 Bc3 45. Nh2 Be1 46. Rf5 Kh7 47. Kf1 Kg6 48. g4 Rb1 49. Nf3 Bc3 50. Kg2 Rd1 51. Rc5 Bb2 52. Rb5 Bc3 53. Rb7 Rd3??Black blunders into a pin and the rest is perfect technique by Wang. 54. Rb3 Rxf3 55. Kxf3 Bxd4 56. Rb4 Bc5 57. Rb5 Bd4 58. Ke2 Be5 59. Kd3 Bd6 60. Ke4 Bc7 61. Rd5 Bb8 62. Rd8 Bc7 63. Rh8 Be5 64. Kd5 Bc3 65. Ke6 Bd4 66. f3 Bc5 67. Rh5 Bf2 68. Ke7 Bc5 69. Ke8 Bd6 70. Kd7 Ba3 71. Ke6 Bc1 72. Kd5 Bb2 73. Ke4 Ba1 74. Rh8 Bb2 75. h4!Paving the way for White. 75... gxh4 76. Rxh4 f5 77. gxf5 Kf7 78. Rh2 Bf6 79. Ra2 Bh4 80. Ra7 Kf6 81. Kf4 Be1 82. Ra6 Kf7 83. Kg5 Bf2 84. Rc6A superb win by Wang Hao that practically gave him the title. 1-0

Kevin Wellwrought

Nakamura is too good for Anand

Mike Schecter

Great game John!! I saw this one live and thought you did very well given the speed and accuracy with which ding played, particularly after qd4. It was amazing to watch him whip out such strong moves so effortlessly. Glad you made the most of it!


Was the storm later renamed ""Alfie""?

suhail clasher

So ok after all the fireworks we have rook ebdgame with equal pawns

Brian P.

Imagine you are on stage with John Lennon.You are not in church, you are in heaven.


please add a "hour" timer :Dfeels like you could do this in about 2h, but i guess thats wayyyy off.

Alyssa Alvarez

lol licons laugh XD

Jordan Rucksack 123

Who got all their cards picked? Not me.

April Badillo

Ummm is this right when i use dyroth i have this score 21 kill 0death 3assist and 1savage in one game

taylore macintyre

Pathetic and evil individual.

Knickslions War time

Love I YouTube algorithm recommending this when this is only chest video I’ve seen

Lee Marshall

Idk how these marker-drawn videos get made but God damn do I love them. I haven't even watched the video yet but I already know this will be the one that finally gets me to understand the circle of 5ths