Majestic Chess - Chapter 1

Thanks for sharing.For a forced sequence you should go Re8 and then however black defend Qg3 and next move (third one) will be checkmate.No need to add baking soda for cake with eggs.At 8:51 in the vedio, white knight can move in F2 securing the check as well as the rook.I've made a similar set, and I'm not sure I'd make it again.Castlingis such a cop out move.They only played to a draw.

Hi, very good idea.I've been a carpenterjoiner for 30 years.Every time I see Linus speak, I tend to think he could be a great ventriloquist.Best instruction I've seen so far about the circle of fifths!So remove detail and narrow the pixel lines on both axis so that they are smaller when they are distant until they reach their vanishing point which means don’t draw them.Ultem 1010 loves to crack and de-laminate if you can't match the chamber temp of a very expensive Stratasys machine.Is the glue Important ?

"br"echo arraysum($trees).Sandpile processors.Would I be correct to say there was a general phobia against looking outside of your own class rankingstructure when seeking answers to problems?Hi Slovenian WoodworkerIt is a really beautiful table, and very well made!What but What if nd4.I love women with brains.He was punished for your sins, so that you could be made righteous in God's sight.Nakamura could’ve won there right?If I wasn't a student, I'd donate a big wad of cash.

everyone take steps, pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for his forgiveness and mercy for you and your family,.It feels like being really on top of the process.The show got cancelled, and she deleted all the videos.Shoulda gotten shedinja :D.Very fine thank yousir.

Turns out we live in the same town!The hoodie guy one says "im only featured when I loose" instead of "lose".3:00 OF FUCKING COURSE.Any good reads for a newish chess player?Jerry, I love you!Is it just me or does carlsen intimidate his opponents through his behaviour?(If u don't love it, you haven't tried it.Yup trump is sooo dumb.

This was very helpful to me thank you.Love these endgame videos.His time was up?They even had a Master level player (Michael Bury).Mga mangmang na pulis mga uto uto naman kayu.Does the knight eventually get into the game?When agadmator says at move x we have a new game, is he referencing all tournament games and is this a public database?I have to admit.

(22:50) One last accurate blow completing the imprisonment of the black king and setting up the deadly Qf6.This video clip alone is a really nice therapy for curing depression and chronic anxiety !Sugar Cream Cake Studio.VANCE LARENA VABES!Hope to try and make some of your ideas myself.- develops black knight with a tempo?

How come they

How come they

I just used a simple equation calculator from a website and I got the zero answer on multiple numbers.I usually agree with Lou but he along with everyone need to chill.I don't know exactly why, but they really "leaked" oil after being in the cold car.They age better than Macbook.Biden has 1 office there that is padlocked shut a lot of the time.Tastes like espresso, with a hint of wd40.Congratulations on your success.

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Do you think an avid smith would invest in a tungsten carbide anvil?

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Mate, that is absolutely beautiful. Your pride for your craft shines through in the end results! Spot on.


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What I learned from an old carpenter. Angle workpiece about 30 from the fence, put corner of workpiece on the fence, push just slightly into the saw, then push the side of piece onto the fence(now looks like normal), this binds(lack of words) the piece into the saw blade and now the saw blade pushed the piece into the fence......all you have to do is push the piece thru the saw.

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