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Watching an IM play is certainly

Watching an IM play is certainly

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09:25 No human EVER would consider that move.

09:25 No human EVER would consider that move.

So I doubt he was influenced by it at all.That is one beautiful job!Your presentations are epic!Here is the link if you wanted to check it out.Did you miss a mate for the sake of fun or did you just lose a mate?Its just like HARRY POTTER just add voice control and it will be the exact thing.Need more of these long version numberphiles!Make the next one a 1010 on the evil scale.You guys are dead wrong talking about Chess like that, but I love it.

Some pretty innovative concepts,never thought of that jointerplaner trick also using plywood this way, Paul Sellers (spl) is doing a workbench with the same technique.Better muted at on 2x speed.The kid's name is Jed Sloan.How do u do 2 player on chess.This is a money vid!At 1:28, why didn't Karjakin play Nxe4 instad of d6?

Nf5 %clk 01:05:19 Qf8 %clk 01:08:53 13.

Nf5 %clk 01:05:19 Qf8 %clk 01:08:53 13.

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Keep your irony for the neighborhood chess games

Keep your irony for the neighborhood chess games

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Two types of

Two types of

At 6:51 when black moves Rook to h8 why cant white grab the free pawn left undefended?Hahahaha TEAM FIGHT TACTICS 7.Will go into November knowing he has to play even BETTER than that to win.It's not a problem that you mispronounced "Scheveningen", but your pronounciation of "zwischenzug" is really ugly.Sevian could have held a draw!Is no one gonna talk about the drag race reference Eugene made during twister?Rook can't defend immedietly because of the knight on G4 covering H2.Alireza Firouzja beat Carlsen!Not that I didn't like it.


Kurt just made me feel like there is something wrong with me. I might be retarded or something


Thanks, very informative! ... Quick question : I have a xiom vega tour blade with outside hinoki and zlc carbon inside. Tenergy 64 on backhand seems too soft. Do you think tibhar mxs would work better?

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Espanyolang Hilaw

nice moves .. but i dont know how to play chess hehe

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This guy is a genius x 2

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How come infinity is not a number but infinitesimal must be one number?

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It was better if you played the bishop on a5, instead of what you've sacrificed to figure on f2. What did you finally played. That move would destroy him.

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Roc - WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?Crowd goes crazy

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In the 5:42 he would have played some other move instead of Queen move or knight move


Sorry but grandma's cooking is always the best.

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Ive been a big big fan of Naka for a long time, BUT there are a lot of "Body language" stuff showing that the opponents really count over the board and also we can see several games where he launches risky ( Gambit like ) openings against very strong GMs.

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I would have loved tohave seen Fischer take on his cyber opposite as his successor Kasparov did. Or would he have ducked it?Sadly we shall never know... :(

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U gotta get Shyheim on drink champd norie



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epic video