Magnus Carlsen Vs Vladimir Kramnik | Blitz Chess Tal Memorial 2012

London cut your dad.Alpha zero VS Leela.7:35 v sao hu trng ko n tt en C4.

Wow, this is the first one of these problems that I got right!Aint gots that option in illinois.Great tattoo machine.It's so peaceful to watch :) Keep up this awesome work!Thanks for that.

But Magnus as Magnus does, denies black counterplay

But Magnus as Magnus does, denies black counterplay

That guy was lost since he did touched move for the king.Glow in the dark slime.What kind of double stick tape is that at 1:39?B4 should have a better name.I just enjoy chess dont need money.How much horsepower does this bad boy crank out?One mistake in your video, when there's diagonal opposition between the king and Knight, it takes three moves to check the king not forMoves."And here comes b4.

Then the promoted

Then the promoted

White Minister (C6), the black King (E3).Wow simon looks young here.You should do a video about Tyr.A charismatic, virtuoso orator with a deep grasp of the reciprocity of both causality effect of your thinking and your condition humaine.Morphy head give to Morphy.When there is no opponent.Awesome work Shaun!Very nice game by Carlson, thanks for sharing it.Brackeys, never stop making tutorials plzz u r the only person with these amazing tutorials.The same reason I play drums.

6:24 Why does Keymer not

6:24 Why does Keymer not

That first one wasn't mate.If I could do what you can do, Yes I would make this set.As if it were rotating around the camera's point of view?16:54 Here's the copyright infringement!She is not responding to your repeated attempts to get her interested in chess.I do not think it means what you think it means.Suki ng ma ala ala.

I wish,I was born in

I wish,I was born in

GeechiiG and used it first round.Congratulations for 70k hit the channel.So who is this guy?Most often, it's the thinking of the person that's not giving you the job that keeps you poor.Was there a red bull on the table?Yes, u missed something - simply ignoring deflection.Can someone please explain who had the upper hand.

None of the kids probably got it.

None of the kids probably got it.

0:40 ye saare mil k humko pagal bna rhe madarchd k bacche.LIAR I DONT EVEN HAVE A PHONE SO I USE THE HOME PHONE (and it doesn't have a ts).I saw people make fun of anand whenever he loses to magnus, but magnus never faced the legend Tal.Wow Indians really hate their Queens.Is this how it's supposed to work?Only Spassky seemed to have the better of him.I just wish I could find somewhere to buy these.It's driving me crazy.But instead watch you and just wish they could.Never seen a checkmate like that last one!

Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

Content starts at 0:56

Raji Suresh

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27:57 The Encounter against the Moonlight. So much to hear. Wicked song. Love the deep baas.

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Jonathan C

Chess engine does NOT find Nxd7.

Tim McWilliams

Crazy freaking skills!WOW.

matthew varela

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Wow, what strong is the 3D effect, at the begining, when is plane.

Magnanimous Tamyka

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Apratim Ghosh

He has 2.8 seconds, his opponent is up a piece, he is winning this one.


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Me:take the phrone to the center (phrone in the front of kingEnemy:take the prhone to the center (phrone in the front of queenMe:take the phrone to the center the (phrone in the front of queen)Enemy:the phrone in center the front of the queen eat my phrone in the front of king Me:Whaaaaaat

Muhsin Shakkir

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Todd Weller

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Thank u so much for ur big appreciation and kind words...thank u so much buddy :)

kiran babu

Black : Where are your pieces? White : Gone. Reduced to atoms.