Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand: World Blitz Championship!

The weakest handshake.Definitely A Worthy Piece Of ART.Every statement you make in voice over sounds like a grade school teacher trying to explain something while keeping kids excited.

How to make a database and connect this

How to make a database and connect this

That dude talking is a total moron who has no place commenting on chess games at the endhe completely misregarded the obvious black mating threat of Db6 along with Bxa3 and Rxa3, opposed to his claim of white "easily thwarting of any attack".I am so offended to your channel.Steve, have you noticed that Ted's Woodworking Plans is back?Doc: You have cancer!By the end of the video I was climbing the walls.And excellent coverage,if anybody has any negative comments I suggest you keep them to your self!Qh6-Qg7, u did many moves before this :D.Amazing job, i've learned something today, thank you!Thus, nP(Nn) 1(n-1)!

I was on your team!Keep the good work man you're awesome.Not really a chess expert but what happens if you capture with knight at 3:36?What do you plan for with snipe on the length from the joined, and how do you prevent you end grain from self feeding in the thickness planer?If they truly guilty kill the mutha fucker on the spot!Very nice, and the several saves were great, too.Thank you for your time and respectful consideration of the matter at hand.Yo pass me the aux.

This is really very beautiful.

This is really very beautiful.

Why did you put foil on top of cake tin?The 1 clone problem that was said to unsolveable can be solved.What is the substitute of milk powder.Freakin amazing job.Youtube brings me here.Whats wrong with your cats.Robertson does not fall off.Haha, when I saw the coil I figured it would be induction heated or something.Who is this guy?BUT (here's the tricky part) since he already had a 25% chance of being caught on day 3 his chance of being caught on day 5 is actually (1-.

Haven't ridden it in years, but I can't

Haven't ridden it in years, but I can't

What programming software is this?Fact:valve's legend can't have the third seasson.I think he learned a lesson about gambling!They were kicked out of Heaven.I have the same vise, but mine is missing the ID tag.This video is about to pass e million views!The other guy might not be knowing anything about the chess.It's half bright.He went beast mode.How tall are you.

Well, I'm a professional judge

Well, I'm a professional judge

I'm happy just to see it!Can someone explain?This is almost 1 year ago.I am about 1500 and would let it happen or defend it with out no problem.What about expanding the grid?Some more background on the Fischer-Spassky match (as told by a drunkguy).

If you support Bernie,

If you support Bernie,

Also what Rails you used for it?It puts people to sleep.Is there a book on this chess method?One of the very many important things he said BUT in a slightly different context is piece coordination.Why dont they ask who is the main character at metroid or zelda, thats a no fail.Just exaggerate.Can i just use granulated sugar?


This cost more than $70 to make. Man hours alone was more than that.

Salim Taher

your work is impeccable, but we do not see the essential of restoration because the camera is too away.

fraser ws

Will it work with chisels

Ziko Ziko

8:36 knight kills rook

ass goblin

Amazing artwork

Gio Garcia

jaw dropping results. thank you so much for sharing.

The Professor

can you beat Dr. Drunkenstein

Gulaugur Orri

Your the best

Shashank Karkera

Am I wrong or can white move bishop to f8 and block the queen at 1:30

Nitin kumar Sharma

Do you ever played chess In any tournament.. ??


What is caller in coding ?

Kelly Wolfe

I wish i had some of that emergency food right now for me and my kids and my mom and dad ... I was told by our physician today the Corona virus will be here in our town in a week and that is when we will be seeing it and in two weeks we will be hit hard it's going to come through in a wave like the flu does and there will be no cure or immunizations for it until 18 months and to think about quarantine in ourselves .... I'm not going to lie I am scared to death for me and my kids and my mom and dad especially them being older .... And being on such strict low income it kinda feels like we're not going to have a chance ..... Thank you for sharing your video I hope to check out the thrive line hopefully in the future.... God bless you and stay safe


Wow this was awesome , great job. Where did you make those small mtmwood sign please?

Eran Z

When i have trouble falling asleep i put on one of jerrys videos. They are objectivaly great. But the combination of learning and jerrys voice makes me sleepy.

selvaraj ts

It's Friday not firday

Sahil Sriwastav

Nice video


Love it

sean wolfe

Super informative, took a lot of the invisible magic away. What grit/material grinder wheels are more or less ideal for this process? Do you prefer oil stone over diamond honing tool?