Magnus Carlsen vs Hou Yifan - World Chess Champion vs Women's World Chess Champion

Suggestion Ding Liren's recording-tying game.Look like Ryan Gosling a little.The editing is great!

Warmly, Alex (chess patzer 1600s).At 7:50 be4 fxe4 qxe4 Good for black, no?1000for note 200 of bag.But what about Q:e5 instead of Q:d4?I would love to see you race Ryu in Super Mario 2.Table looked good but the video was terrible.Always a thumbs UP!

Are those diatomic pins expensive?How the fuck did I know he was going to fart.What is inside Xbox.Nice projet good tune.Let nobody stop it.Awesome at 5:05.17:47 damn this game just wants to make me cry.I had no idea that Kurt was a chess master.I noticed that they even set up the board wrong with a black square on the right.

As a person using this literally everyday I had no idea the history behind it.Bored, but just press DDDDDDD and it gave away the code.Divine providence!So basically, whatever the number chosen, you take one less to do the math so that it comes up on the position you want.I love this guy!Garry kasparov has left the chat.I heard about but i have never seen it before.We can't see anything.Magnus carlson.

 $2000 or more for

 $2000 or more for

It would be helpful for the beginner to know your measurements of your rails and stiles.I'm fairly sure themicrophone will pick up your voice in a normal speaking volume (if not, there's surely adjustment on the pickup unit).How much for the chess set?If you have any ideas please help - this is a real challenge for me!Lol Fabi probably asked her out afterwards lol she's cute I gotta admit.3 i add it not subtract this is how i solve it 11235(4)9.Y’all got Smack fucked up!Coz today she had her first tournament under 7,(4.25% people disliked the video so you know the love is very high in ratio.

What a magnificent attack.

What a magnificent attack.

No, Kuklinski was not a serial killer.You must have great lighting in your shop.Fantastic friend!I used a small fog machine and it was the best thing to look at.By a kid who was using a treble hook.

There were situations in this game,

There were situations in this game,

2k3 lp10 ri anh p.And I could say the same about any video from this channel really.Mentioned in ancient hindu literature millions year back.As my google chrome was loading youtube i was so hoping you posted a new video.Nice idea,but how would the khight move?And yes Linus you are a real good and great man for what you did and choose to give to the world for the benefit of all.Lol sooo your upgrade kit comes with Haribo gummy bears?But when I stop the video as you suggest, I am getting pretty good at predicting Fischer's next move.This Mongrel guy.I would love it if you would follow me at facebook.

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First few bars are

No mentioning of most plywood not handling moisture or water well.9:58 It’s treason then10:07 I’m too weak.The queen side castling at 12.At around 14 minute mark he could have gotten mate if he moved his bishop.Congratulations Nik!Is it just me or is Magnus' a-pawn offside?

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