Magnus Carlsen vs. Himself at 20 on the Play Magnus Chess App

I know I'm a bit late watching this, but at about 6 minutes 44 seconds something whispers "James".My video still is correct, but it turns out there might be an even quicker way they can escape!Burning wood usual cause from too fast cutter speed or too slow feed rate.How could I know there are only 12 fundamentally different solutions?Have some patience.Exe is no longer responding.

Future candidate world championship.That is such a great solution to matching a slight overcut!Shelac is made frome Beetle spit, its also used in felt hat makeing.The new intro is amazing.Brilliant game play.

Identical to calamari.

Identical to calamari.

I like the fact the first feet had joinery in it.A tool I regret having." or "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!How many people recognized Adolf Anderssen's checkmate in the immortal game of 1851, what a great game.Wat will u suggest at that point.Hello Jerry thank u again for a great game with excellent commentary.I really like the video and the music UwUp.You make these puzzles look so easy.Karpov, Tania and GibChess.This was concise, detailed and easy to follow!

Re-uploading an old content is indeed sad.Now I have to build a new tool on my too do list,I have never seen that before carpentry is a hobby and still learning alot.Yo notice the glitch at 0:40 !Can't believe 33 min just went by.Great acting guys!It's 2 pound cake?Even if I still can’t always see the entire board very well I must be learning something.

How sad is the life if the

How sad is the life if the

This video is sponsored by honey.I had an active stalker for 4 years.Orb over ur head bro after the finger.Great for their development!So seeing someone watch them for maybe the first time, feels like watching them for the first time myself!Bt my qun khc nh qun m, tng.I really love this scrapwood series.Can't finish watching.QXf5 and black loses the bishop in 6th move.How heavy of a table saw will this hold?

ONE for the actual game in play

ONE for the actual game in play

Idk those babies LMFAO MOOD.Great work keep it up.Suddenly I feel old.The eband flow of information.Nice idea but extremely weird and confusing like what if someones in check and its the other guys turn!Every one of these videos I watch comes out to be a drastically different style and level of sanity.Nice chess, but not recomend for use hehe.My heart cries realizing the fact that we all descended from a generation of common ancestors but still here in India people still refuse to treat you as a fellow human being and equal due to "caste" and other factors, labeling the entire communities of people as inferior and refusing to establish relations and treat you equal with compassion.

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wheres the other food scientist???


This inspires me to become a graphic designer

Gus Kladnocki

How exactly would one calculate the number of possible people?

Chance Watkins

This vid was so helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us, I've subscribed Jesus Christ Bless! :)

Taiel Ferreira

that clock jerry draw at 45:20 with the arrows was very nice to see

Petr Kodolov

Damn it, i clicked thumbs up on your comment and then saw that after 16. d4 the white bishop actually protects the rook on f1...

Rajesh Baral

Sach me ap ka jawab nahi

irappa katageri

White QC6, Rd8Blackif bishop takes queen rd8 or if QC8 then Rd8

TNT Tips and Tricks

There was also a Naval enigma machine with a fourth rotor that was used buy the german submarines and that one took a lot longer to decode

Dawn powers

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Ashutosh Arya

Correct me if m wrong but at 2:03, doesn't Qh3 and Qh2 wins the game??

I Lakshmi

Qf6 ,knight captures f7 ,Nf6 ,Kd8 ,knight captures f7


I been crying the whole time

Natarajan Ramalingam

On the Roger Penrose shape, if I were to place a candle anywhere on the 'dark square' in the bottom half of the shape, will the entire top half be 'dark'?

Maxence Dupont

Rien compris

Roberto Maiorano

Why is the R in "Nerdforge" gone, then it reappears. And then when talking about the details you were going to add, the camera angle was mirrored?


That kleenex joke seems very suspicious


Probodobodyne Stayputnik

Adrian Borup

Super helpful and understandable code. Thanks pal!

AllGinger Maker Media

Nice work!

Justin Holmes


Jairo Exequiel Gonzalez

Grande Pichot!