Magnus Carlsen Shows How To Destroy Scandinavian Defense

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Use a combination square

Use a combination square

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Thanks for sharing bro!

Thanks for sharing bro!

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Binge-watching the amazingly explained chess videos and getting

Binge-watching the amazingly explained chess videos and getting

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Ian Davenport

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Aaron Wrecks

He really was a chicken by not pushing the knight though, even worse he was white

Russ Yusupoff


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East or west Ben is the best

William Barksdale

I really like the format of this video with the real chess board. great work yet again!

Micah Epps

6:33 You need a MicroJig!

Mojima Channel


Nugget the great

Me in a chess game with a bro in school : bro, you should but bishop on b7 the catle that would have helped you protect your king blablablaMy other friends :

Nikki Caz

Next lie detector test, do it with Dan from Steve wilkos


26:57 why white didn't cover with RD8, or it does not make much difference for the ending ?


The strange thing about Tal's wonderfull games is, that he often came out in a better endgame - ater so much tacktics.

Andrew Backhouse

One of my favourite games of all time. More classics please John