Magnus Carlsen punishes materialism beautifully vs Karjakin to paralyse Alphazero & Kasparov style

I was curious if you have any plans to make a video covering lambda expressions and LINQ queries?Oh I'm gonna continue drilling holes with an impact driver alright.Dahil sa sira ulo nyang anak.Should put a small handle on both sides tomake it open and close easier.13:00 thats where his argument falls apart.Touch tone phones were not available for customers until 1963, but really weren't widely used until the 1980s.

Why can’t NASA use Carbon fibre for rover

Why can’t NASA use Carbon fibre for rover

But I have watched enough of this channel now to understand that Chess is not a game of mating the king, but of being up a pawn.Keith could fit a big ass potato in his mouth.Kill the this ghost for one's.She allready knew that he sees at least at least 6 trees sincs day one the new information is that she now knows that he nows that she knows him having at least 2 trees.What is it and what use does it have, or is it simply to be regarded as art?Li- like,SLURPING SOUNDS INTENSIFY.Put some voice control in and boom you've got real life wizard chess.Perdona a Rf6 q continuacin tiene.Carlsen should joined too.There are errors in my code, what I wrote wrong?

You're incredible!Haha 4:39 - "Mate?Agadmator please turn off auto translations for video titles!It seems so unlikely that both players have equal chances. Wish they'd get rid of her.

Kilala moba si nj gaming.No wonder this country is fucked.Wait for your reply.You smart dudes know you can checkmate someone in 2 moves?Without an explanation to what he is doing.

You might as well get yourself a 3D printer and have it do all the work for you.Wow - both of these dudes are total wankers, especially the German wanker.Can you simplify it further by just dealing with absolute value coordinates?Can he win any games.I dont believe its so bad.

They got the camera at

They got the camera at

Ok someone make this into a minecraft map!WHO LIKE SPICY JUST LIKE ME PLSS LIKEEEE.Santoro, ah hell nop.The queen slapping like a bitch?Now I want to be a bartender and be hot like Eugene.19:05 :D :D King to h here.Chess CAN be entertainingThank you for great vids!

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Antonio - marceneiro Santos

Trabalho muito lindo

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Trump said that he's done a better job than Obama about an epidemic. Reality: Ebola 0 - CAronavirus - 6.So reality (once again) renders his words as mere propaganda, yet in this case is deadly dangerous to pay attention to his nonstop lying.

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Every misunderstand ing this guy This video is about how to let your opponent win in just 2 moves

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What if white plays c3 to support the pawn



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just throw the mouse across the river

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You look like tio hector

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this is not extreme. wtf redbull. the only way ill enjoy this if claudio plays chess

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The pin is mightier than the sword.

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That’s bullshit Zach you annoyed him off

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Xcellent, thank you.


I love everything about this channel. Can't wait until August when I start my engineering degree in CIM, CAD and CNC.

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Who the heck uses a katana covered?