Magnus Carlsen's 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

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I want to crowdfund for the Number Tree as a sponsor.11:46 why didn't you capture the 0awn.SLOWER PLEASE JAJAJA.I would have loved to visit the old parts of China and talk with the older ones.Her first two hands were god tier.But, still training to be Magnus.

Jimmyand bret great work.

Jimmyand bret great work.

You are defineatly the best.I love your videos.Just using the chairs and table is not enough.Hobbit films makes me believe magic is real!Chess is such a young man's game.Very nice blacksmithing job.

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I don't see how King b6 immediatly after White king G7 doesn't straight up win the game.I studied this situation.If Bxd8 then Nxc3 wins a pawn and regains the queen.Y'all are thirsty.They're simply closer together, more like a mirror finish.Thank you for sharing, I seen your "tell all" video and kudos to you for sharing!

This is how you win a chess game 1) Knights to CF 32) Pawns to DE 43) Bishops to DE 3You could cook anyone in a chess match with this method!Since at that point it would already be stalemate.Is it not also a kid show?Profesor Zvezdelina is so cute.Very very very very very good.Smack dont usually look mad but he look mad to me on this interview.I was hoping for some new game analysis.With those two moves, his kking's safety is no longer an issue for the rest of the game.Akira toriyama knows that there are 12 universes.

Miron Ivanov

Because making your opponent cry - this what chess all about , lol!

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10:37 what if white moved Q to H1?


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Hi, I watched your video again, without being preoccupied about this set-up, because basically I kinda like it and have tried it myself, simply because I'm not necessarily keen on meeting the French for example with d4, except maybe in conjunction with the Tarrasch Nd2, that's okay but you also need to be aware of stuff. However, the reason why I got so upset is because prior to watching your video I have found several other videos which also showed one particular set-up or line with one or two possible responses from Black. I'm sure you know that this is most likely not the case when playing against different opponents. My point is not that you should explore all those options, but rather show the most dangerous ones, maybe five or so without going too deeply into possible continuations, instead of showing one whole game. The odds of playing against someone who is gonna make those exact same moves are almost zero. For example the game Fischer - Geller [by the way did you know that the other Geller, Efim Geller is the only one who succeeded against Fischer head to head? He did, 5:3, pretty impressive] the dark-squared Bishop stays nicely on e7, the Queen is hanging back, and if you play Fischer with a passive approach, well, no wonder...very often, Black will develop that Bishop to c5, staying on that diagonal and the Queen will come to the Kingside. It would probably more interesting if you show one of your own games and how you handle the most dangerous attacks on this set-up.Anyway, I apologise for offending you.

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