Magistral de León: Desempates entre Anand y Jaime Santos

Karjakin himself even refuted kf3.Thanks for the cool videos.That was stupid.

E, boards 1,2,3 are white (moves first), and the United States is black (moves second).The king can attack a queen if she gets too close without backup.You're an idiot.We have coy wolves here now in Florida.I love Harry potter movie.I can’t believe how much he knows about every process.Stockfish 8 available on gitbub.

Idol request po hand cam.

Idol request po hand cam.

At frequency 4 in around 9.Blueeyes14215 some of the music in Sorcerer's Stone sounds much like Phantom Menace like the choir in Jar Jar's Introduction and the Swim To Otah Gunga sounds like Hogwarts Forever and the Moving Starcase.This kind of isolated pawn position doesn't looks like Petrosian's style.Garry saw this game when he was 9 years old!My heart broke with that piano.

You are way too smart to be a communist.What if knight to h6 is played in move 8.Why doesn't Jan give Peter some mouse lessons?Maybe rubber bands.I got none correct smfh.

How is that possible?4:42 knight b3 would have been better.Emile Berliner destroyed quality music.No need to add baking soda for cake with eggs.It looks so simple even though it is a complexe design.How do you set up the board to get horde chess?Ye kamlesh kahaan sy aa gaya.Katana are supposed to cut down unarmored opponents in a single slash, bone and all, and yet your sword's bluntness meant it left unclean cuts on the bottles.


I can't imagine if they had a dozen cassettes stacked inside it, with the front sections revealing the tape, totally removed and running micrometers apart. LOL

pe pooo

he would get destroyed in china

christopher Suttles

Is that they screw bag you talked about in one of the podcast?. Cool.

Piranha Studios

Love that old school track, Guy - groove me

Madeline Gadoury

At a summer camp as a child our activity group split into two teams, boys and girls and we each left the building with a paperclip and went door to door asking people what they could trade us for it. After two hours or so we met back up to reveal which team had the better item. Don’t remember what we got, but the boys team came back with anew working really does work I guess

Linda Wallace

Fantastic ! Beautiful work of Art !!!

Lilac Edits

The name of the video sounds like an advertisement for drugs towards kids. I’m sorry, but it’s true


This is Ryan's 1,000 Video!I wonder if he thinks like other Youtubers "Wow I have been doing this for 1,000 days! . . . Wow that's really sad and pathetic . . . ", but don't worry Ryan you're nothing like that. We love you <3

Vladislav Kudelin

8:05 Queen for two rooks: why is it so bad?

mas yogi



The most rich people have no money!!!

Aryeh Yehudah Ajzenberg


Graham Simon

Of course id make itif I had one hundred grand worthof machinery u try with just a "normal "man's tools and come backto me "u hack" am I right in how I'm saying that I'm Irish so its not in our vocabulary usual we would your full of shite..... But in saying that the chess boardand set are beautifuland very well made, sorry if the green eyed demon got out????

Daniela Sat

"poberty mindset" ... I hate when they use that term.(Sorry if i make a grammar mistake, im still learning english:)Because poberty Is something you might have been born in. And in many countries in the world right now, it is not a choise. If you are born in the lowest casts of India, then getting out of it is really not a matter of mindset.Why not call it "middle class mindset"? Makes more sense.And about the woman choosing to have kids... It was not the best example. If she had the resources to study maybe she would not make that choise. And some people probably make that choise for a vary of different reasons, and you are putting all of poor woman who made that choise in the same box.I liked the presentation overall, just wish the speaker was a little bit more mindful of other people's and other countries' realities.

Leonardo Chagas

"Little science takes you away from God, but more of it takes you to him."Louis Pasteur

Harsh Ahuja

Why can't he move to d5

poy py

cai lua 10:49 thang r ma ngu qua cung dng len


I don't have tik tok. I think I'm too old, turning 27 soon.