Great work for a little tool!At 3:12 Black plays e5 threatening the white Knight on d4.Please lose the music fam i thought i heard something.Not further questions needed.

Hello fire, Bye bye hardness.LOVE HIM BY THE WAY.One of these days I'm gonna get some good stuff from Vat19.Trust me, it will be unique.This guys brain is wired different than mine.17:55 BOTEZ GAMBIT DECLINED.Teflon tape is good for releasing epoxy and stuff like that.ISN'T THIS ONE OF TRUMP NAZI'S CRONIES WHO IS PROPPING UP THE STOCK MARKET?Whould help against Kd3 or i miss smthn?

A search at LJ's for "insane 3D wood art" came up blank.(7:00 with the level of focus thing) I once performed with one of my friends (she was singing and I was the accompaniment) and my other friend was running stage lights and he messed up with the stage lights and turned the house lights on and something else happened and I was so nervous that my level of focus was so high that I had no idea until he and another one of my friends told me at intermission.Love your amazing vids!Your passion for wood working and the tools of the trade comes across with comfortable clarity.0:14 Or 2 petabytes minus 48 terabytes.0:51 simple pawn to e5 might have sufficed.

Interesting thing about fried liver is that

Interesting thing about fried liver is that

SmallYoutuber hug tau.Only a good player like Fischer, knows when to trade a good piece for a bad piece.Thousandth like.John John even though the stream was messing up 3-0 vada fly sho time wat up keep reppin.Aka Jack Stacks Hats on Hats on Hats.He is right android is better.Daftar isi00:22 Menjadi tua 03:42 Komedi pasti menyinggung08:09 Membela orang 12:16 Youtuber nitip15:51 Bertemu Aw26:40 Ganteng saat lamaran33:45 Orang yang simpel39:05 Serba-serbi pernikahan44:59 Kehamilan istri53:15 Dokter kandungan 58:51 Perhatian ke istri hamil01:02:11 Jenis kelamin anak.But you where right and none of this was nessisary.But the comments in this section shows what this show really teaches and that is how to look good on revolt.Maybe we 1400 players arent that bad after all.


"Rebooting universe"pucci voiceMAEDO IN HEBAN DA!

Daniel Rivera

So whats the answer??

Arthur Gamer

hum... i have one ideiacaptain america using this as a shield ..."agents of hydra, look into my eyes, you get tired, just relax, know that you are a good person, and will help the shield"


What a good message


How does he use the same power supply for the screen and the laptop? The laptop is 20v and the screen 19...

Mark Jay Borlaza

nakakaiyak lang kasi eh yung alam mong graduate ka na ng educ, licensed kana pero ang hirap sa pag parank kasi yung iba hindi ka tatanggapin pag walang lagay at pag wala kang kakilala sa loob

sergey ivanov




This opening is called the "Lone King Attack" Not play'd too often.Thanks KC for this masterpiece and for the interesting post mortem. It's 2015 and it's still a masterpiece.

monika gupta


Omar Auf

who's here to see agadmator

Basheer Ahamed

Lovely working i am enjoyd


Theres so much i need to say to you, so many reasons whyyyy

tv yooyoo

Bang 3:08 emang bisa yah kita punya 2 msntri??


Good. You only forgot to translate the moves. In English it would be 1. Bxh7 Kxh7 2. Ng5 Kg6 3. Qd3 Kh6 4. Qh7

A Thot

I have a CFW 3ds and the 3ds is one of my favorites of all time and when I did it I love it so much that I can finally play all my childhood games that I played and lost

Douglas LAMB

Incredible ! Alekhine...what a gift he had !


At 12:33 wasn’t there a fork for Carlsen to take the rook?


fun fact, Prime95, which is the prime finder tool made by GIMPS, is also used as a stress test for CPUs for overclocking

Nam Khnh Trnh


Sinzua Yui

Is it a draw? Why?


If asked to do that blank test, I'd probably have done something like6 3 72 0 45 1 8 9

HelpTheBlind ToSea

I think you guys should build me a house boat without instructions...Wait a minute I do want to live

Emil Petranov

balcanska mu rabota .. hay like


I saw a Battle on yt so i Think in the end pongfinity won