Love Changes Everything

Good luck and I’m excited to see even more progress and tuning going into the MMX.I would like to praise you for the amazing things you have done for the chess family thankyou sir!That was scarier than any horror game I've played or seen.

Great jig, some simple

Great jig, some simple

So many polytopes of four and more dimensions, yet only one, the 4D 24-cell of 1152 symmetries, has its own theme music (15:45).Actually, it does not matter how the piece looks like, but it should be clear to both what the pieces are represented as.She dint gave any chance to the black opponent !Why not use resin instead of foam.His name should have beenGM manwithsaltysport.

Vat19 I like your videos but I feel like your ripping off dude perfect.Where do i get square bar clamps.I have been opening this way for some time.8:16 How did black take that pawn on B4?A good player and his two toadies shows poor attitude, i expected more from Carlsen regarding sportsmanship.

) book there are two consultation games with Morphy someone VS.Just what I needed !Put your hand in it.Impressive game indeed.Someone I know has one of these!Twerk 1st round was incredible?The guy did a combo move on a chess like its a fucking checkers.Pagamiza bru u now the boss of the state.My favorite try guy is eugen.I also feel sorry for BGM for betting on the losing format.

It was Tal's first time in

It was Tal's first time in

I’ve tripped and can’t get down!All berserk mode and finished 3rd.What is a "Average Centipawn Loss"?23:47 is straight fire.11:19 I can't see how that is check mate or would be.Omg i forgot 0:10.More Alekhine, please.

"I know she masturbates to them.Kh1 was not necessary, in my opinion, but we shall see :).But next time can be more careful because I did see that losing move and got really nervous by that.The square doesn't provide the common rafter lengths but provides you the angle of each pitch.How the size shrinks is a mystery and I've seen this illusion on cricket grounds as well.Bishop pair too strong.I've never even considered buy a laptop as they are just portable toasters just waiting to fail.Ben watching TV watching tv.Pretty please with on top.You are a true master!

Good luck next time.

Good luck next time.

Where is the video of permutations?" 1:12:46 Gotta love it!Before Bernie and his followers rant anymore about the "establishment" they ought to get their own house in order.A fine blend of exquisite artwork with engineering.Where do you get your plywood?I wonder if those first 3 guys who joined just have minecraft minimized and at the ready for just this moment to come?- Pask 2023This is how great I think he is.


I've seen this before in a episode of Outer Limits.

Andreas Genazino

Nice, but what about the sun is in a clear shpere?

Dara Nkanga

This game is crap.

Leo Spitz

Hey Peter, an idea for a resin project. Encase a Prince Rupert dropin clear resin with the tail sticking out.After the resin cures shatter the drop but leave the glass powder inside the resin.It would look amazing if the drop was colored.

Rodney Widger

As a newbie woodworker on a fixed income I really appreciate your expertise and for sharing your videos to help us all Thank you, Rodney


I've been a carpenter/joiner for 30 years.I think your table looks amazing, nice job.

cristian valencia

People can just do taxes, go to lunch, and get married in a game of chess?


Saw cam FTW!

Ken Singh

Excellent work , Matt. I will also attempt to make this beautiful piece. Is there a cut list please?