LOREGASM: Grimstroke and the world of the Spirits

I discovered ASMR thanks to this.Carlsen's knights on e8 and d8 are very depressing, especially for the sicilian, they are very bad.Does anyone else misses the old skitss abt the productss?This is one big piece of AWESOMENESS.Nice video, thanks.Never mind keep up good work.When you're making those for sale?Every beginner knows this rule of thumb.

Wish totally explains why her isn't scared to move all-in at that point in the game.I thought the maneuver where he gave up his queen was the more interesting part.Great game commentary.That's gorgeous!Thanks for the lesson.I finally made it to this one.Masurekar,India.We will have more great chess!

Well am not good at chess

Well am not good at chess

Very nice all the best.I am sorry, but there is sphericaldice with a infinite number of possibilities it is six formsJwan atto.Bad movie not a good story only time pass.Great tutorial :) I have no tools, or skills, or really even desire to do this, but it looks awesome :).Gibraltar Espaol.It is confirmed many times!I subscribed so just gonna wait for more moves.

Thanks speakers.

Thanks speakers.

Only there were not computers then calculating with brute force or enjoying the breath of  a data base to work from.Please cover a few draw games as I am interested to see in what positions draws are offered and accepted by high level players.This video was so helpful.Your work is worth watching the whole video.His backhand is the best in history.Alos the rubber wheels if it deflates or pops the wheel is scrood.It is processed and sold as dry flakes".

I've seen plenty

I've seen plenty

Love you both ta ta there tic toc's, keep em' high and tight.Mars will increase your chances of getting your hack done.Love your analogy of the pasta sauce, Chris.But I still I've got so much to do before going head first into this.Way to show why he is there gg peter.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Same guy who would fire a dude who over cut like shown.Lately i've been revisiting the lotrhobbit series mentally.I don’t see him doing anything different than I do.

Magnus is the best.

Magnus is the best.

What a great build!" And the others go like "Misogynist comments, very suspicious".And it’s always there for you to listen to right after.6:35 And they did!I might have a go at making a box rather than buying one - thanks!

Una pena el error cometido

Una pena el error cometido

"I can tell by the way you're acting.Helpfull, thanks for making this.The most disrespectful impactful round n moment of battle rap history n not only did he compose himself but he came back n smoked TF out of ars Honarable Mention.This is the link.Anh i sao biu din cc nc c nh vy.My structural design sense prompted me to suggest that you bore a 58" hole top to bottom through that handle and bond a structural dowel with vertical grain.Four years old (the video, not me) and people are still watching and commenting, which is great.The price must be thousands right.Stop cutting onions please.

Yash Patel

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Park-Tamati Philli

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Valeriy Shatilov

Its Really painfull to watch first games. I like how aman showing winning moves for warshep. Cmon, he would fuckup any winning position

Chanelle P

Battle rap is like 50% delivery... She can rap but she gotta work on the delivery and not feeding into the crowd's reaction.Clips violated thou and brought schooney in the shit too


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Thanks for the lesson, Mato!:D

Holz Leder

Wow very cool! I'm thinking about doing this one day, too. Greetings from Germany )


More Tal ooo i cant wait till a bit later when i get the time to watch . Back in 2 hrs .

Imran Shaikh

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09:27His name's CARLITO.

tri nguyen

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