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Please re-check the facts and correct your narrative.Could almost be forgiven in thinking it's some kinda exotic wood like Zebrano etc.This game was simply a time management problem but going into complications was a ridiculous idea vs naka with Garry's time issues.Merci pour vos supports.Another great video from KC, TkanksThe evo of chess style is so entertaining.Nice work, can I ask what Polish you used for wood.I do have to say though, that you really need to give that poor chisel some Tender Loving Care.Excellent brother.

What price tag would you put on a piece like this?2:48 I'm 100% sure there was a wedding outside agadmator's house.Like a John Wick in Chess.Sorry guys what is he saying at 7.I love the eagerness and enthusiasm of this guy.

Genetic code is the logic and driving force.Too bad his name wasn’t Stuart.Now thats a maker knife (tm) lol.I am the only one who make these types of recepies at homei have alerdy maken this.A lot of quick games, amazing performances by Magnus and great analisys by Eric.And if you can't beat them at chess, then just beat them.When the candle burns down the box would be impregnated with wax making it even more likely that it will burst into flames, Whereas tacks are metal and the candle would safely burn itself out, it would leave wax on the floor, but that was not disallowed in the wording of the puzzle.I saw a couple gavagans smushing pussys.  Always pull on a wrench.Strong newcomer earned his respect.

I'd like to see that!

I'd like to see that!

Repitan minuto 0:00 xdddd.Peter svidler is a bitch.What is that bit of Pythagoras that gives your unit box a height of root 2?Can someone explain 10:46 how a pawn captures air ?Somebody needs to see if that girls ok.Wait until he reaches puberty and starts smoking weed with high school girls.What are those seemoreice.

Love the transition

Love the transition

Commentors: sweats nervously.I thought there was some dirt on my screen so I tried scratching it off but it was just a black dot on the wall at the back of this video.I wish I had that discount code a few days ago - I just bought a bunch of their epoxy primer.What size cabinet did you use?But like I said, Amazing job.Where is the IoT?Absolutely beautiful!

This is just what I need to get accurate repeatable box joints thank you."this is chalk its good for combat" world war two: hmmm if its good for combat ill get it!Your repetition of "no talking" is dogmatic and loses effect really quickly.Those plastic palm trees would have looked so much better if you touched them up with paint."those who study the bullet game is stupid" JUST A JOKE.

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Davy Crockett

Very nice and great work! Question: Can you share any information on those wood jacks you have made? The ones used at the horizontal bore (16:00). Those are pretty cool.

Justin Bonini

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Thomas Kaas

Very instructive.


Awe man, this was a really informational video. Thanks for sharing! I love the dynamic between the two of you!

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It would be incredible if you could make an overview of your most used tools and expendables.

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This looks so good man! Wow.


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Prodigy of Humanity LORDCHESS


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Why the guy didn't take the black horse with the white horse at 1:53?

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Please don’t tell me that’s actuall gold


I still digesting the mighty crab and sausage meal, and now in comes some heavy metal. Cool video.


happy leap day y'all!

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this is on my bucketlist.


tell me the website you can used to download SFML/graphic.hpp library

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Very good explanation. Thank you.

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Me as an artist and a coder:should I use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

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Wow.... another wooden mallet on YouTube...... Original idea


1:18:06 6.Qb3! oops


I'm just there to give a shout out to Claire from BA test kitchen. You made it to the apocalypse episode!

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But if it is always 6 people... they may be brothers and sisters. This is.. really incestous.