Live and Let Spy [SFM]

Excellent and many thanks from Cambodia.)Awesome video Jonathan.Raymond Yoda New star wars).This game holds the key to discovering why chess ratings are not only broken but exploitable Thanks for the re-upload.I'm new to Linux and this is all so damn confusing to me.The Ayush Effect - creating nothing out of something.By looking the comments I understood that I am very nice chess player.

He is still better

He is still better

Why do you need any volume watching a chess game anyways, Hu?I know most of the companies have a huge income and don't care about let's say 18k but if someone else is willing to offer the same exact thing for 10k or less what is the reason they would choose me?All artists should learn to value their craft.You can see how much it matters to know the endgame, " If you want to win in chess, You should start learning the endgame first " - Jose Raul Capablanca.Khai cuc thng khin trng thua nhanh )).I have a Rasp Pi 0 W that has some display port issues but the CPU really is solid single core but amazingly power efficient.Bang klo misalkan jalan 1 gajahnya balik lgi ke f4 gimana?

First thing I considered because it was supposed

First thing I considered because it was supposed

That's almost 600 dollars,.What has a sole a tongue but no heart the answer will be in the reply section.This much of sugar n butter.Definitely subscribing to this one, thanks man!That would have scared the crap out of me!

And I have noticed that

And I have noticed that

I first saw this game when I was 8 and reading a chess magazine which was as old as myself.Wow galing nang bata.Something about watching the wheels being made was incredibly satisfying.Nice pottery wheel.The Great Flood (Noah's Flood) occurred about 4400 years ago.I keep wondering how come your fondant doesn't stick when you rolled?"A link to that video would be great.Okay it is clear.

I love the history and the

I love the history and the

Where did Rodney’s mother even got the money she needed to release her son?That way it covers.You should never castle that early in a game, but to each their own.I got here from a video on conservation of old paintings.Angel, who use metal for their main weaponsPawn: SwordKnight: ?Greatest Sleeping Pill Ever!Think you could'a sprung for a better webcam?7:50, these new memes and animations are much aprecciated.You are terrific!In my opinion the most dramatic blunder was in Chigorin-Steinitz World Championship match (1892, La Habana): 32).

Last year over 650million people played at least

Last year over 650million people played at least

Beautiful knife, very nice handcraft.Of course the boring head (not including boring bar) is $1200.Maybe I ll not be alive."He's one of two world champions named Mikhail.I never knew I wanted to wood work until I watched a couple of your guides a year or so back, now I'm a couple of builds in (I'm slow) and nothing matches the feeling of making something with your own hands.But for reasons we all know, its no longer played.Make the game for IOS so i can give you money.12:06 the kitchen light opened behind moe sargi only for one second.And here's one i made earlier.

Brad Cozine

That chessboard looks great! Do you have any tutorials on making a checkerboard?

Mayank Bariar

Chess is easy

Ben Wiley

just discovered your channel, awesone stuff! this triggered ideas...a coffe mug with table legs epoxied to it...combine the sliding dovetail segmented table with multiple single cup sized pieces, for when you have company!


This needs to be a tournament like the Pro League. Chess doubles is too awesome. Imagine Magnus Hammer or even Giri! Naka Eric! Great entertainment opportunities.

Henrique Corra

I swear I thought it was electricxDGood job!!

Nowthen AD

So incredibly skilled for such a young man!

Tulio Conter

Can you imagine? We're revisiting Capablanca's streak... and maybe we're watching Carlsen in the middle of a great spell... and all at the same time. Thank you Agad.

Palindromic Bob

Please please please sort out that wiring.Don't spend my sub on the MMX. Use it towards an electrician.We need you alive


The future with ARM processors looks great with this one.Interesting that Nintendo has an indirect connection to this too. One could imagine their NSO servers running on top of an A64FX processor, maybe a future console?

Brandon Kowalski

No talking unless you raise your hand -- And don''t raise your hand. LOL

Ender Kiraz


Hide on Bush

if i am the boy the guy will lose for 100-0

Chase Thompson

Who else had no idea that May played with a coin?...Just me?.... ok.

Jessica Tran


maynard mcwilly


Wil T

Best youtube content I've seen in a very long time

Optimist Prime

So addicting. Looking forward to more videos on this variant.


Your videos are so good. I came here to learn about chess and ended up learning far more. Keep it up!